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Thread: G'day Sullivans!

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    I only lived five minutes away from school so I'd go home for lunch. From primary school I'd get back about 12.10, watch the end of Rainbow or something, catch whatever was next (Paperplay, Handful of Songs etc.) and then Mum would have The Sullivans on at 12.30. When I moved up to the comp lunch was a bit later and I graduated up to Pebble Mill at One but for those junior years I must have watched a hell of a lot of Sullivans.
    Ditto. You've basically described my late Mum's afternoon tv watching back then...anyone remember Families and Take The High Road? She also used to watch those...oh the pain!

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    I remember watching this, maybe when I was off sick from school or something. It was so dreary and soporific.

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    I loved it!. Remember watching it when I went home from school for lunch, and when I started work I always tried to catch it when I had a day off.

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