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    It's Sunday afternoon in the early 1970s, the TV is warming up ready for Catweazle! Catweazle was a medieval wizard who managed to jump into the 20th century via a castle moat while being pursued by knights, presumably to try him for witchcraft (well that's how I remember it).He had a magic knife shaped amulet around his neck, dressed in an old monk's habit, had a wild beard and a toad called Touchwood. As far as I can remember he lived in an old water tower and befriended a ginger-headed boy called Carrots.There were many catchphrases in the programme, Carrots would despair at Catweazle's antics and in frustration would yell 'Crumbs' (oh such innocence). Catweazle would always start a spell with something like 'Salmy dalmy adonay' all with mystical music... when everything went wrong, he would simply throw his hands in the air and declare 'Tsk... nothing works'There were some charming moments in the programme when Catweazle would encounter 20th century inventions and not really understand them. I remember one episode where he was in a room with a vicar who was making a telephone call. Of course Catweazle thought the was talking to him and responded and when the vicar told him to be quiet, the person on the other end thought they were talking to them... oh such confusion!No doubt this programme would seem very tame by today's standards but it would be nice to see some of them again.


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    Love the theme tune.I think Catweazle's on dvd ,isn't it?

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    Yep both series, although the second series is weak. the boy from the railway children is in it, not a patch on the original series and carrottop.

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    I actually found Catweazle quite scarey when I was a child.......probably had an overactive imagination.

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    One of my favourite childhood shows. People may be interested in this old thread:

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