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Thread: Snooker show with Dennis Taylor?

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    Default Snooker show with Dennis Taylor?

    I'm guessing this show was probably early 1990's (i'd guess 92 or 93) and it was an instructional show where Dennis Taylor would show complete novices how to play the game of snooker.

    The reason I remember it so clearly is that Taylor spent the entire first episode showing us how to hold the cue, line up the shot and stand at the table but to my memory didn't hit a single shot in the entire first episode!

    There's a clip or two on youtube that might be from the show but they seem to have him co-hosting with some other guy and unfortunately don't give the name of the show. There's no mention of this show on imdb either.

    Basically I'm looking for the exact name of the show and when it aired if anyone can remember. Thanks.

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    I think the other guy was Jack Karnehm

    Jack did a few video's Understanding Modern Snooker and Understanding Billiards and Snooker

    So I bet the word 'understanding' was in there somewhere lol

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    Default Re: Snooker show with Dennis Taylor?

    I think it was called Snooker Taylor Made, my local library had the tie in book until a few years ago, & might still have it archived.
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    Default Re: Snooker show with Dennis Taylor?

    Thanks for all the replies so far!

    'Taylor Made' is a concrete answer but I'm not sure if it is the right one. For one thing the timeframe doesn't match (unless of course I was watching a repeat). For another thing the bfi info says the show took place at the 'Antrim Forum' (which I imagine looks like a typical snooker competition venue?). Finally it says Johnny Ball was a presenter and I'd have defo remembered him had I seen him.

    For clarification, the show I remember took place in sort of like a typical studio made to look like a snooker club (lots of wooden panelling, dimly lit etc). If anything it looked sort of like this clip . Actually, I'm starting to think this might be the one I'm looking for.

    Only problem with the above is the show I remember seemed to be dominated by Taylor rather than Jack Karnehm (tbh I can't even remember him appearing). But in the clip Karnehm is instructing which makes me think it might not be my show either.

    Does anyone have any more info about the show in the link (specific name or specific year etc)? That could be the one I'm thinking about.

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    Default Re: Snooker show with Dennis Taylor?

    didn't steve davis have a show called a frame with davis i remember him playing against bernard bresslaw,i think it was on channel 4 teatime

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