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Thread: Trying To Remember A Film

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    Default Trying To Remember A Film

    Hi all, hopefully you can help, I remember watching a film years ago on tv about a plane crash onto a desert island and there was an animal of sorts doing away with some survivors, and then the other survivors turned cannibals and ate the dead people.

    Is this really a film or have I dreamt it?


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    shot in the dark Massacre in Dinosaur Valley?

    Edit...just looked into that film a bit more,think the canibals are already on the Island...

    The other film I thought of was 'Alive' but thats based on a true story and I dont think 'animals' were involved

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    Possibly, when I'm on my laptop I'll look it up, thanks.

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    I have added an Edit to my first post, but it may still be worth a look

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    It might be alive, I'm not sure if there was animals, just that some of the survivors were disappearing.

    Of course I could be remembering wrongly.

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    What year are we talking? way before alive was a 1976 film called Survive

    and here's Alive (1993)

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    I don't know the year of the film, I'm sure I seen it on channel 4 late night. I will check those links. Thanks.

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    I think it was Alive, so I'm getting confused about the animal lol.


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    I almost didn't mention it, but I have learned it's usually best to go with your first thought

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    I'll have a watch of it later to confirm, after 1993 would be right, as I was older than 9 when I seen it. And it wasn't the first film as that's too old.

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