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Thread: Games you played that got you in trouble

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    Default Games you played that got you in trouble

    What games did people play as kids that didn't go down well? I imagine there are quite a few that ended up making a big mess or breaking things! My friend and I made up a game called Mud bags. We would fill a sandwich bag with watery mud and tie it up to the washing line. We'd then bat it to each other like swing ball, until the bag got battered and mud would start flying out of it, over us and the garden. We thought it was great fun, my mum didn't agree : /

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    I remember watching a bunch of local bad kids playing a game they called knock a door ginger.They would knock on someone's door,and then run away.People would get angry and tell their parents,which always resulted in me watching the bad kids being dragged to the peoples houses to say sorry by their very angry and openly loud and verbal mother.

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    Most of the games I played with my mates got us into trouble,lol.
    Knock down ginger,ghost knocking,swipe the bottle(stealing milk )etc,were all games to us as a kid and most of our lot played them including a game called Dares.Many of the kids ended up in more petty crime later in life.I fell into it myself when we started to raid the old phone boxes with lolly sticks to get a free refund.I even used to go round the back of several of the local pubs and take the empties,then return them a day or so later for the deposit back.

    Even so called safe games like cricket on the playing field somehow got a window broken now and again.A game of wall ball of 40 40 out used to get the police running our way as someone always thought we were up to something.Even a good game of marbles(with a good home made cattie)got us in trouble and not forgetting the french arrows that we used to hurl around or lollystick boomerange that we set alight before we threw them.Then there was the home made peg guns and bow and arrows.My home made go cart nearly ran a couple of people over and naerly went headlong into a car coming up the hill whilst me and a mate was going down it.

    One large dog was known to be vicious which lived close to us,so we used to tease it and run,usually up the slide in the park or lamp post with the dog chasing us.This was a daily game for most of us...but some were bitten.

    We invented a game once(on one fine summer) where we used eggs we had blown out.Painted them up and floated them down the river.The first one to reach the bridge(intact) won.There were no rules so someone could hurl a rock at yours if they wished to.We got caught.

    There were so many other games we used to play including creaping up to the flat windows and pushing our faces against the glass and scaring the old people.They used to come out yelling at us as we ran down the road whooping with glee.

    I was quite a destructive kid at times,but it seemed most of my mates were to.It was a rough estate.It's so quiet now but the kids think it's still a rough place.If only I could drag them back 30 years their hair would stand on end.

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    Semi (a form of "British Bulldogs" or "Red Rover" as it's known here in Australia). When I was in Junior 4, one girl in my class got pushed into the mud when grabbed by an over-enthusiastic friend of mine who was one of the 'catchers', and then the Mafia (Parents & Teachers Association) sought to have it banned.

    Catch The Boys, Kiss The Boys. Played by the girls when they'd had enough of playing by themselves during lunchbreak, they'd rush the boys playing football, wrestle them down to the ground and kiss them. I think they got lunchtime detention when the teachers caught them out. Never happened to me though - I was a deprived child! ;-)

    Chicken. A very dangerous (and often fatal game) - don't some kids ever learn that they are not invincible running across the road to dodge cars and buses?

    Whizzer-Crash - riding bikes at full speed down a sloped street with the intention of running into someone's driveway at the bottom of the street and quickly racing out before they could see us. My friend's mother saw us playing it and she warned us the man we were trying to play the joke on wasn't a very nice man. She never told us why though.

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