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Thread: Your favourite School year

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    I think I have to agree like many of you; that the 3rd year (aka year 9) would be best, or should I say most topical.
    Things I particularly recall in 1978 were discussions with friends in the playground concerning films such as Grease and The Omen. Also Tales of the Unexpected.
    I recall it been a good year for conkers.

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    I don't have a favourite school year from secondary. It was a dire experience from first to last. As for primary one year seemed to plod on from the one before it except for change of class and teacher.

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    I don't know about the "best year" the best day was the day I left school for good.
    School for me varied between "bad" and "only just bearable"
    I wasn't bullied. I was OK academically. I had friends. I just didn't like it.
    Work was a revelation to me, and I enjoyed that far more than school.

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    I don't think I could point to a favourite year at either junior or secondary school. I could point to my first year at secondary school and say that for that year I disliked intensely my form tutor, but that would not make other years stick out as being particularly good, though he made my first year memorably unpleasant due to a particular incident.

    I suppose that generally I enjoyed life at secondary school better as I moved through the years, with the final two probably being the best as we were then actively working towards our GCEs.

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    In many ways/respects I have "Rose Tinted Glasses and Memories" of Secondary School from my time there from 1988 to 1994, mainly constituting of very dark Mornings with no light and likewise for Teatimes and Evenings- visually and mentaly) but all years where great Imho - it's a "crest of a wave, you ride that only nce at school through good and attrocious times" and some-times in other aspects of your life/career - like for me 2002 (or at least the middle 6 months fom Jne to October 0 was the same for me with amazing highs and torid lows that was equal to school and it's day's - if not worse than every Secondary Schoiol Year - going from the most amazing great feelings and happenings to he saddest lows.

    I can still recall that late October and Liverpool in the Champions Leauge on the Radio and fleeting a bit of the Match on TV upon returning froma a Road Trip from the Coast that mid-afternoon and never - even at school can I recall such insignifigance but such amazingness related to a Footy Game I had no interest in at all!!

    I guess my point here is as with School - in the good and the bad points, that mysticness is as amaaing as hindsight and as powerful as hindsight is .... that can not even spoil such memories!!

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    I would say the final year of primary school was the best year. Out in the yard playing British Bulldog or football every break time. It was a great time to be alive and I had a wonderful teacher in Mrs Jones who encouraged me to write stories which I really enjoyed doing at the time. I had an exercise book full of Scooby Doo stories that I'd written - the only story I remember was about a ghost The Neon Phantom which was actually in the cartoon. Years later when I visited my primary school to say hello to Mrs Jones I asked for my story book but sadly there had been a clearout and all old exercise books by past pupils were put in the bin. I was gutted.

    I never took to secondary school at all. The only part of that I liked was going to the library any opportunity I could to read some books or computer games magazines.

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