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Thread: mcHaggis comic strip?

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    I've just been searching for a comic strip that I thought would be really easy to find but I can't find any reference to it, so now i'm starting to doubt my memory! I thought it was called the McHaggises and featured a tribe of haggis creatures, i think one was tartan, one was shaped like bagpipes perhaps. They might have been part of another strip I guess. I think they were in one of the popular comics such as Beano or Dandy. We're talking early 80s. Does it ring a bell for anyone?

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    There were in McTickles in The Beano in the 1970s-80s, & in the Comic Library books for a time afterwards.

    They sound a lot like the strip you are looking for.
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    I remember the McTickles and the Beano Comic Library books. I had quite a collection. One line I always remember from the McTickles was someone(maybe the clan chieftain) shouting 'send for the Polis!' and a Policeman called 'Dashing White Sergeant' appearing on the scene in a baker's uniform! ('He work's part time in the bakery') It's funny how I remember such things

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    Ah yes that's the one thanks! Funny I only remembered the McHaggises and not the main characters at all!

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