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Thread: 70s/80s Bristol - Innes Book of Records

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    Hello folks

    I discovered this forum whilst doing research for a project I'm involved with looking at the making of the late 70s/early 80s BBC2 series, The Innes Book of Records.

    I was hoping folks might be able to help me find locations used if I post up clips from the show?

    Here is the first. It's obviously the city centre, which I'm assuming is much changed since then and I was wondering where the 'Montana Cafe' is/was.

    The producer seems to recall it being a health food shop which sounds unlikely! I thought it might have been a fish and chip shop.

    Anyway, here goes. And thanks for any help folks can give me!


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    hi! surprised you haven't had any replies... I worked out the location for this Innes Book song (Front loader) because the name Abbotsford Road is briefly visible right at the start. Guess what: it's in Bristol...

    As I said in the Comments:-
    If you Google Earth on the postcode BS6 6HB, then you can follow Neil's cycle ride to the laundrette... I have discovered the outside location filming for this track was on Abbotsford Road, Bristol, and joys! The laundrette is still there at the end of the street. Seems such an upwardly-climbed location that the residents prevented Google Earth from filming half of the street... you try to go up into the higher residential part by the crossing to Warwick Road and you can't. Snooty gits.

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