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    I am very sorry to hear that you were abused as a child, Victoria - it must have taken a lot of courage to even write that on here.

    I know from when I was at school that children can be cruel - I was often the one in the corner of the school playground doing nothing but standing there waiting to for the bell or whistle to go so that I could go back inside. If you look at the School Days forum on here, I have contributed two a couple of threads and mentioned that my school days was no bed of roses by any means.

    I think that when it comes to comedy sketches, (and the swimming pool one in The Curse Of... is one good example as you have mentioned), it is worth measuring the quality of the audience laughter - what I mean is, does the audience laughter sound as if they are laughing with the protagonist or laughing at him? (The old Wogan / David Icke interview comes to mind here). If they are laughing at him rather than with him and it does sound malicious then there might be something about the sketch that isn't quite right. After all, we take audience laughter for granted when we watch comedy - I for one would feel awkward if I watched a comedy without a laughter track (even if it was canned laughter) and thought that I was the only person in the world who found it funny.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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    Quote Originally Posted by George 1978 View Post
    I was often the one in the corner of the school playground doing nothing but standing there waiting to for the bell or whistle to go so that I could go back inside.
    I can relate. Usually there was a group of non-sports boys and tom girls I could fit in with, we played something called square ball which needed four people and new people would come in when one of the four made a mistake in the rules and then they would wait to get back in. Also red light/green light, frozen statues tag, mother may I and simon says. There was even a rage for marbles at one time that crossed over the clique lines. I was actually very lucky with my primary school, it was junior high school where things got physically violent and there was theft as we merged with the supposedly upper class area bordering ours, they had little gangs and were all about having the right brand of clothes or you got hit (usually from behind). You would've done better at our primary school I'm sure, can't say for the next one up. I left it for the worst part of town and went to one with Native Americans in a big subsidized complex next to the school, and it also catered to pregnant teen-age girls (had a day care in the basement), had no trouble there at all, although I saw other people physically fight, boys and girls.

    I could never watch Mr. Bean, I don't know why, I can watch Black Adder! I got attacked as a child badly once, plus had a brother that used to hit a bit, and that instinct that you are going to get thumped is still in me after fifty plus years! My BF calls it FEAR, false evidence appearing real. I even took martial arts in my early teens at the instigation of a boy friend (he had three girlfriends while I knew him, we were just good friends) and that did help me a lot I guess (once I got to where I could throw a punch at someone which was a huge barrier for me). Maybe this is why I can't watch Mr. Bean (even though he has a teddy)? I can watch Monsieur Hulot films, and liked Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em quite a bit.

    Mr. Bean with a turkey on his head is about all I remember actually laughing at.
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