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    Quote Originally Posted by George 1978 View Post
    I didn't even know that this thread had existed! - thanks for bumping it up, Victoria.

    I always enjoy watching the Curse of Mr Bean. Now, those boys would roughly be the same age as myself when the episode was made in 1990 - in fact, they both reminded me of two lads who were in my year at school!

    I do like how they gave him a helping hand (or rather, foot) to get him into the water from the high platform, and that his trunks came off in the water which the girl fishes out of the water, so he has to get out of the pool naked before causing the old "harassment, alarm and distress" cliché to some teenage girls getting out of their changing rooms.

    Angus Deayton makes two appearances in that episode - the first is in the swimming pool sketch, telling Bean to get out of the pool when he tries to get in via the orange kids' slide, hence Bean going right up to the top diving board before bottling it. The second appearance is when Bean sits on a park bench in the second half and makes a sandwich, and Deayton plays the straight man there. I doubt that they were both supposed to be the same character however.

    I have to say that I love Mr Bean and the fact that the 1990s was only 20 hours old when we first saw his first episode. I suppose that from Merry Christmas Mr Bean in 1992 it became themed episodes instead of unrelated sketches, although it did return to unrelated sketches for the final couple of episodes - the episode's title referring to one of the sketches only.

    On Monday 5th July 1993 (according to my research) I had some mock examinations all day at school, and what did I find on ITV when I got home that evening? A repeat of the very first Mr Bean episode where he was in an examination hall and was trying to cheat by copying Paul "Watching" Bown's exam answers, and I had enough of exams for that day! Talk about de ja vu! Great to see Trevor McDonald lookalike Rudolph Walker as the invigilator in that sketch, and that Love They Neighbour was not quite the end of his acting career.

    And for years I had a thing about the boy's mother who had appeared in the dentists' waiting room in The Trouble With... I got her autograph a few years ago when I wrote to her via her agent.
    Words can not summarise rowan's Skills as Mr Bean in my book George - he was just so amazingly amazingly funny (though at times a tad o.t.t) but generaly in general aamazingly funny. I used to love him as Bean in the 90s as did my Auntie's Daughter (not my direct Auntie by Mum or Dad)

    What Rowan did was amazingly simple but so ironic as if he was reflecting life through slow- motion as in that was all half an hour in front of him - but phew was he talented. Par the old Silent Movies not many actors/actress' can match this skill level (or any I know of anyway0 to such a constant and consistant level!

    I would love to see Rowan reprise his roles a bit more regular as Bean, but after seeing him in the Papers over the Weekend - he has has lost his trademark face and looks - which sort of killed his look as a kid who never grew up (in his 30s/40s age) as he he appeared to beportraying as Bean in the 90s (which if so - please don't reprise the role/character would be my wish!! Regardless though what memories this guy provided and in the main through add-libbing (though never talking generaly).

    I guess it was guys like Rowan and David Jason who inspired me in the add-libing fields of life - especialy attending confrences where add-libbing was a "needed" and having questions fired at me in varying commitee roles by nature of "what if you got asked this or sucha question" and i'd say "I'll do what David Jason did/or morever un-bekown in the back of my mind too Rowan was inspiring me all the time a-long too!


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    I occasionally think about what fictional characters do after the story is over, and how their lives might continue. However, one can overthink such things, particularly in the area of slapstick where IRL such antics would often result in arrest, injury or death.

    I mean, in one Mr Bean outing he literally headbutts the Queen. Tell me that wouldn't have serious consequences.

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    Of course, it wasn't the real Queen in the episode, but a Caroline Aherne-alike actress playing the part where she was unharmed - there seems to be a lot of "padding" in the sketch of Bean looking at his fingernails, spraying into his mouth, putting half a postcard into his breast pocket and all that.

    Mr Bean does a few things which could be seen as "harassing, alarming and distressing" (to quote that old cliché again) if he similar things in public in real life, in other words, Mr [sic] Public would be arrested and even go to prison of he copied it for himself. Referring to the Goes to Town episode, when going back to the days when electric plugs had a "batteries not included" aspect towards electrical items and one had to wire them up, putting the Live, Earth and Neutral in the right place - when he buys a new television set we see Bean twist the wires into the plug which is something that would not work in real life - in fact, a Central continuity announcer had reminded Midlands viewers not to copy him doing that with a plug at the end of one of the mid 1990s repeats. The videos always got a U certificate and not a PG one by either the BBFC or the VSC.

    Another was the fact that Mind the Baby was postponed twice in 1993 and 1994 because of the similarities with the storyline and the James Bulger murder. The fact that Bean takes an unrelated baby to a seaside destination (Southsea?) seems rather alarming when one thinks of child abductions and the like especially in the early to mid 1990s. For the 1993 showing it was replaced by the first showing of the Room 426 episode set in a hotel (and ironically enough, set in another costal destination), and was postponed again around a year later because of the trial and the distress, and was replaced by a repeat of a previous episode. It was eventually shown a few months after the Bulger murder trial was concluded.

    Various episodes have been seen on one of the children's satellite channels (Nickelodeon?) and have been heavily edited, and I believe that at least a minute here and there had been chopped from each episode for the TX of it, although I assume that it was to allow more advertising on the channel in that half hour. Mind you, for such a channel which shows cartoons and all that, showing episodes of live action Mr Bean does look a bit out of place, especially as they have been seen on ITV channels already, and the fact that American series more tailored to young people would usually be shown on that channel. They edited out Bean with the turkey on his head during Merry Christmas in case it frightened younger viewers.

    The ITC did receive the odd complaint in one or two Mr Bean episodes - they got at least one during The Trouble With when the protagonist was getting dressed in his car on his way to the dentist and of course, and showed his underwear, and probably one or two others as well. Roger Sloman playing someone who was having a heart attack (and Bean attempting first aid on him) was also controversial when it was first seen in 1992 - Sloman also played the blind man in the first episode ironically as Bean thought that he was looking at him getting changed into his swimming trunks. As we mentioned the swimming pool episode - the same episode also contains Bean trying to leave a car park via the entrance instead of the exit in order to save money and trying to get past the barriers.

    At a time when Political Correctness was very much "in fashion", I suppose that the Bean character was knocked back a bit in the early to mid 1990s for trying to break the rules, but I suppose that if the character was just like Mr Average and all that, it would have made a an episode that people would probably not bother to watch. The question was, did Charlie Chaplin have all these problems in his day considering he was a silent actor? Benny Hill was accused of the "chase the dolly birds" seaside postcard factor when he was on his occasional Wednesday 8.00 pm specials in the 1970s and 1980s but Hill hardly ever got as much criticism as that.

    Goodnight Mr Bean was not the end of the character for he also did the Hair episode that ITV had never shown - also, he continued to appear as guests on shows in the late 1990s after the sitcoms ended such as the National Lottery and Live and Kicking and all that, meaning that Bean was alive and well and continuing. I believe that Bean is timeless and does not have an ending - the problem is that Rowan Atkinson aging throughout recent years is one obstacle, although when one thinks about it, Bean is supposed to be a representation of a child in an adult's body, and so therefore, he is not meant to be of a certain age. He did that Snickers advert a couple of years ago - was that the most recent thing that Atkinson has done as Bean?
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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    Just looked on the IMDB and saw that it was "stuntwoman" Tina Maskell who played the Queen (credited as: "The Royal") - one would have thought that they would have got Jeanette Charles even Kate Robbins (cf Spitting Image) or someone like that! Maskell seems to have a lot of stunt roles to her name, so I assume that being headbutted would be a walk in the park to her!

    Does anyone think that the later episodes (1993 onwards) were not quite as great as the early ones? Could this be something to do with Thames being replaced by Central (in the respect of the ITV company that Tiger Television made the episodes for?)
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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    Maybe it's something to do with the tarnished image of Rolf Harris and memories of his old learn to swim PIF, but there's something disturbing about this Mr Bean screenshot from this angle. I know it's the STUPID SWIMWEAR the little girl is wearing is why her bare buttocks are in full view of the camera, bur I wonder if the scene would've been scrapped or shot at a different angle if it had been suggested during the Harris scandal? It's kind of surprising that even in 1990, they transmitted it like this.

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