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    I think 'My Mums' was part of the 'Happy Shopper' family in the 80s and 90s. Both were brands of the Booker Cash & Carry business which specialised in supplying independent local shops. Booker still has goods under the 'Happy Shopper' name and still supplies cash & carry but it concentrates now on its own portfolio of 'Premier' local shops and markets most of its own-brand stuff under the 'Premier' brand. They also own the 'Euroshopper' brand. They also briefly owned the 'Mace' brand in England & Wales before selling it to Palmer & Harvey in 1999 (and in 2005 P&H acquired the Scottish Mace business which had been hived off years earlier, along with the Irish business) - Mace was my local store as a kid in the 70's but I havent seen one for ages, although I understand they still have a big presence in Northern Ireland

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    There's a Mace shop at a petrol station not too far from me.

    I'm sure I've seen a Mace shop recently.
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    I saw a Mace store in North Yorkshire the other week too. I remember in the 80's adverts for shops called 'Mace and Wavy Line'
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    My mums brand of discounted goods was produced by Linfood Cash & Carry. The range of goods went from bread to cola, matches to cat litter. The packaging was bright yellow with red text, sometimes with a white speech bubble containing a little quip about the product. Later adding red images and sometimes an image of a little boy and girl, surprise in red, with one telling the other about the product in a speech bubble. The cola can is the only one I remember that was multi-coloured adding blue to the otherwise red and yellow.

    From memory the speech bubble messages were "keep away from tiny hands and it's dangerous to touch matches" Matches, "sends tiny bubbles up your nose" Cola, "stops kitty's bottom getting smacked" Cat Litter, and "ready, breaded, go" Fish Fingers.

    Linfoood was took over by Booker Cash & Carry in the late 80's early 90's.

    As they owned Happy Shopper the My Mums brand was instantly dropped.

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