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    Hi All,

    A bit of a shot in the dark with this one. Reference the Pickwick Tell A Tale cassettes in association with Ladybird books where you would have an audio cassette with narration, sound effects and great classical music that were available in the 1980s....I know they have been discussed before on here but it suddenly occurred to me a while ago: was there an Oliver Twist cassette available??? I know there was a Ladybird book in the same vein as other previous Pickwick Tales as I saw the cover recently on Amazon but for the life of me I can't remember if there was an audio cassette to accompany the book. Does anyone out there remember, and if so, does anyone the audio cassette? If so I would love to hear from you. Here is an image of the book, if it helps?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks, and yes, I would like some more...MORE!!!

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    I remember the shop where my ma used to buy mine for me.
    They had a rotating rack for the tell a tales and, no kidding, it was rammed full! Personally, my favorites were the horrors so I'd ask for them before any others but I'm sure oliver twist was in there. Seem to remember mum saying "this will be a good one." Never got that one though.
    Don't give up. It will pop up somewhere!

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    Yes the Horror ones were good and I actually have several of them that I managed to find online...along with a few other ones! Thanks for your reply. Hopefully, in time, someone might just come across this and maybe I'll get lucky! They don't make them like this anymore. Shame really.

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    Check out the Ladybird Pickwick Project website which covers all the Tell-A-Tale series:

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