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Thread: trying to find my game but...

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    Default trying to find my game but...

    Got my game late 70's very early 80's. It was a little like 'Bing Bang Boing'.
    The silver balls would go up a tower and fall onto the drums..........then go around again........
    I had to leave it behind when we was moving, 24 years later never ever found it again.
    Anyone have any ideas that would be super!!

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    Not sure...have you tried ebay?
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    Smile Thankyou

    I tried Ebay, no Joy though after alot of searching I saw another game and then Poing!! it came to me ..........yup I found it!........nearly wet myself with excitment!! ......... now I want to try and find it where I can actually buy it!!

    Anyone know where I can buy "CASCADE by Matchbox" would be great!!

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    try this link...I found them selling one on ebay for you.
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    Default Thankyou....but

    Looked into it, but sadly it doesnt work blub........

    But thankyou anyway

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    ahhh sorry
    keep looking! It took me about 6 months to find something. I was just about to give up and wha-la! It was there.
    I'd rather hear the bad truth than a good lie

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