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    Default silly cartoon jeep

    heeeeeeelllllppppp,, this is driving me mad, ( and yes i know it's sad),, please does anyone have a clue about a cartoon that used to be on tv years ago about a red jeep which had a life of its own and its headlights were eyes, i'm sure it was some sort of detective jeep, ( on the same lines as scooby doo) but i'm probably miles off.. ????

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    Don't know about cartoon,but Brum was a living car

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    Default Speed Buggy


    I think you are thinking of Speed Buggy, try this


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    yay willow, u r a superstar, I AM NOT MAD!!,, cheers for the link and ty

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    i seem to recall a really bad crossover of this show with scooby doo too...very weird

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