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Thread: things u DID IN THE 70'S AND 80'S THAT U STILL DO NOW.

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    Default Re: things u DID IN THE 70'S AND 80'S THAT U STILL DO NOW.

    I still wear fingerless gloves and ski pants (where I found a shop that sells them!).

    Staying in B & B's - though these days they are more modern (star or diamond rated and some are called boutique hotels) and (at times) be better than a hotel especially the breakie where it is cooked to order and not left in those hot plates like hotel. The last one I stayed in had such a varied choice menu featuring homemade granola, hash browns, jam, bread, scones or a traditional cooked breakfast. Other options included pancakes with banana, seasonal fruit, Greek yoghurt and pecan syrup, also omlettes or smoked salmon, kippers and poached/fried/boiled/scrambled egg, to creamy porridge. which you choose the night before from the long list. Plus home made cakes or biscuits in your room every morning

    Going on seaside day trips via coach mainly occupied by (well behaved) pensioners and I avoid these coaches when the school starts
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    Default Re: things u DID IN THE 70'S AND 80'S THAT U STILL DO NOW.

    There is still quite alot I do now that I did the 1970s/1980s, go on journey's, collect Magazine's & watch certain TV Programmes are a few I can think of. Using an old fashioned camera too is another thing I still do, though it'#s only occasionally as finding the film's for it is getting more and more tricky - as there is only Boot's really left and certain Chemists that are in Coastal Towns.

    I think that thinking about it, that a lot I do now is still the same as in the 1970s/1980s - more than i thought i'd imagine, considering it in-depth than i'd thought of.

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    Default Re: things u DID IN THE 70'S AND 80'S THAT U STILL DO NOW.

    Nothing. Every aspect of my life has changed and i'm sad that it has. I rarely go to the cinema as it's overpriced, full of disappointing films, and too noisy. There are no video shops, and browsing lovefilm just isnt the same. There are only two games shops in my town and both have the exact same stock every time I go in. My adopted seaside town is basically dead, it's all charity shops and vacant units with more closures planned next year. The nearest 'record shop' is twenty miles away. My local retail park has a B&Q, Sainsburys, Currys, and Halfords- the same as every other retail park out there.

    The lack of choice, local services, and reasonably priced entertainment is ludicrously low. I pine for the days of Rumbelows, Dixons, Tandy, Wimpy, C&A, Woolworths, independent shops, and three screen town centre cinemas. I have a lovely house and a great job, but the usual family routines: trips to Habitat, the excitement of going to the one 'hypermarket' in town, a trip into the town centre for clothes shopping- they have all gone.

    So, what do we do now? Obviously I spend a lot of time on the internet. Mainly making content (work projects, making money) when the kids are asleep. The money saved from record shops, games stores, clothes trips goes on holidays. We don't have a tv but I have turned our dining room into a cool home cinema with a projector and the kids love to sit and watch classic films from the 80s. When I finish work on Friday (i'm a teacher) we have a themed night before bed at 8.30 and a few drinks for me. If it's the Friday before a holiday, the party goes on later and we invite people over. Saturdays are spent at the park or the beach in the summer, or in the house watching my playlisted music videos on the ps3 'VidZone' app, cartoons, or doing craft activities. I usually do the big shop during the week with my son so we don't have to go shopping on the weekend. Sundays is totally 'family time', which usually involves getting games out and playing before I put them to bed and get ready for my week at work. During the holidays I hone my woodworking skills and teach my son how to use tools, and we spend even more time in the park opposite our house and have more parties and gatherings.

    On balance, there are so many things I miss about the 80s and even the 90s. My parents live 180 miles away and get up to see the grandchildren every month, but Skype is amazing for keeping families in touch. I spend far more quality time with my children than was ever possible before, which I love, and we get to do shopping sprees once a year in Manchester and once on holiday, which is better than regular visits to town in many ways. My main thing I do that my parents never had to do is spend time thinking about how I can help my children to get jobs in the future. University is too expensive, there are no jobs around here, but there's a lot of planning I can do in advance. I believe we are happy here in 2012, but with worries a bit more likely to happen than our nuclear and aids scares back in the 80s!

    Thanks, well happy to have written that. It's clarified my thinking for the new year! I collect game prices for retro consoles from eBay

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