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    In, I think, the early 1970s there was an article on Blue Peter about the Boer War and the chocolate tins sent out by Queen Victoria to the soldiers.I am simply trying to date that particular programme!Needle in a haystack I know but can anyone please help.Many thanks.

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    Sorry can't help but why the need for the date of that particular prog ?

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    i dont know if its a true memory or some warped dream i had but during an article about something like this did one of the studio dogs embarrass themselves by eating one of the sweets or biscuits from the brought in scenary

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    I have one of those tins that was my Gt Uncles who was killed out there. That programme started an interest in him and his time in SA that continues to this day, I've been out there to follow his route until his death just prior to Spion Kop and now plan to write it all up. As my story of his story started with that Blue Peter edition I can add a bit more accuracy to my tale.
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    Now you mention it I also recall something along those lines. I'm sure they had a tin with chocolate still in it because i recall one of the presenters (probably John Noakes!) trying it, not sure if the dog had a taste too>

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