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    I played truant from school in 1960 to see Anthony Newley who had a number one hit at the time with the record WHY at that time. He was opening the new record department at Lewis's.

    My mistake was that my picture appeared in the Manchester Evening News and was seen by my class mates who informed on me to my teacher.

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    Fond memories of Lewis's we would go there every couple of weeks always the same routine, dinner in the restaurant then up and down in the lifts browsing the different departments and ending up in the food hall. the two things that stick in my mind are the amazing toy department and enormous freshly made burgers from the food hall. if I could resurrect one store from the past it would be Lewis's.

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    I used to think it was owned by John Lewis when I was young.

    On one shopping trip my brother managed to get lost here & it took a while for us to be reunited, mainly because the PA announcements didn't tell him where to go.
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