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Thread: Which famous people have you met / seen?

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    swindon wilts


    my best celebrity meet was the legendery terry nutkins ( animal magic / really really wild show ) i saw ol tez as he was in my town to do a talk on conservation ... and i walked up and said HELLO MR NUTKINS ... . (as my mates scarpered in embarassment ) he is a top bloke and has half a finger due to a hand / otter interface ....

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    I did see Tony Blackburn many years ago flying in by helicopter to open a new shopping centre - probably the 1970s. I did not get close enough for an autograph though!
    I also met Be-Bop Deluxe singer/guitarist Bill Nelson after a concert in Brighton, and I still have the signed programme to this day.
    I know Tullulah mentioned him earlier, but I was once on a domestic flight between Gatwick and Manchester when "Catchphrase" star Roy Walker boarded the plane, causing a few "Here, it's that bloke off the telly" type comments! He was very nice though, and chatted to passengers as he walked to his seat.

    that's about it for me meeting celebrities though....
    Old enough to know better...

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    I was Mollie Sugdens bridesmaid

    my first one was Rod, Jayne and Freddie. Fantastic ! I was about 5 and they signed my magic roundabout book. Do they count?
    I met Duran Duran when they flew into Gatwick and I bumped into Roger Taylor walking down the road in Manchester. Spoke total gibberish.

    Some bloke was trying to ponce a cigarette off me in a hotel and was saying about some band he was in and how they were playing in the UK soon.
    I asked him anything I would have heard of and he said yeah we're called Pearl Jam.
    Then the girl I was standing with said if you're really from Pearl Jam why don't you have your own cigarettes and he walked off hahaha.

    I think that's about it. But my Dad's been mistaken for Michael Winner.
    Hang on there are others. My hubby was on a tv show last year and we got to meet Angus Deyton. Al Murry was there and I think he's brilliant but I was to shy to say anything to him

    And I walked past Huey Lewis getting on a plane and announced a bit too loudly ooooh look it's Huey Lewis. Then had to try and hide when we got off the plane cause he was standing near me waiting for his car and was giving me silly woman looks
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    wow jen you have had a lot of "run-ins" pretty neat!
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    Also during the 90's lucky enough to meet / interview / go for drinks with a whole load of bands, including: David Bowie, PJ & Duncan (although they might have been calling themselves ant & dec by then), Oasis, Pulp, The Charlatans and loads of other "where are they now?" type guitar bands.

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    I met Rolf Harris twice - once when I was 10 at Butlins in Minehead, and then in Waterstones in Bristol about 15 years later. He was soooo cool. I also met Keith Harris (of "and Orville" fame) at Butlins too and was cheeky to him.

    Others I've seen/met:

    Most of the actors in Casualty, milling around Bristol - seen
    Tim Wheeler, Charlotte Hatherley and Rick McMurray from Ash - met
    Paul McGann - seen
    Darren Day - hmm.....met unfortunately
    Derren Brown - seen
    Frank Carson - met

    I shouted something rude at Daniel O'Donnell on his tour bus when it was parked at the back of the Bristol Hippodrome.

    and apparently, J K Rowling used to live down the road.

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    Havent seen or met many famous people, so here they both are
    Dan Akroyd-seen
    Fred Williamson-met

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    wow pootle you've seen derren brown - he's my dream man!!!
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    Can't say I have officially met anyone famous but I grew up round the corner from Roger Black who went to my school (though had left by the time I got there!) and it is rumoured that Sting did his teacher training there in the early 70's too (also before I was born!)
    My mum went to school with the boys from Wet wet wet and my friends and I stalked out Marty Pellow's house when we were about 12 ............Lol

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    ok here is my list of shame-

    I haven't really "met" anyone that famous except for a miss universe and William (Refrigerator) Perry that use to play for the Chicago Bears. (Met him in the 80's)

    I have seen from a close distance:

    Barbara Streisand
    Elton John
    Chris Tucker
    Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson (They all came for the presidential library opening where I live)
    I'd rather hear the bad truth than a good lie

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