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    Quote Originally Posted by battyrat View Post
    A couple of Frog Model planes I made back in 2013 for fun.

    Got the plans from somewhere.Both were good fliers and had lots of fun with them that year,Hay fever included.
    The Frog kits I recall didn't look like those....

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    Mostly airfix kits, I was even in the airfix modellers club that was fronted by Dick Emery
    i remember one of the modelling tips was to make bullet holes in the models by holding a pin in a pair of pliers, heating it up on the gas stove , and piercing the model with the pin.
    hence I had a Sunderland flying boat that looked like a tea bag and my mother asking what was that awful smell in the kitchen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pussywillow View Post
    Some of those kits were bloody hard ! Especially if the pieces didn't fit together very well as they did sometimes. Could never do those car ones

    Anyone remember Frog kits ? Now they were damnmed hard and the instructions were terrible !
    i remember getting a BSA motorcycle kit from airfix and the instructions were written with one illustration of the whole exploded view and lots of instructions like , attach the front crankcase half to the left hand gearbox sprocket.
    i threw the lot in the bin in frustration.

    thing Id I could easily do it now

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    I think I may still have my Airfix modelers club badge somewhere.

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