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Thread: Black & White TV's

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    Hale & Pace - Days of Black and White

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    We had a black and white tv for a long time. I hated the damn thing because the picture would always go wobbly in the middle of me watching something! I would love to have one now though. I really miss the old tv sets in a wooden cabinet with legs like the colour one we got when I was 14. It just doesn't feel right watching old shows on a big widescreen tv.

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    I remember how excited I was to be given a B+W portable for my bedroom. It only had a loop aerial, so the picture wasn't as good as it could have been, but I could watch what I wanted, rather than have to negotiate with my parents over the main TV. It was a 14" Ferguson and was from Comet. I had it for about a decade and even hooked up a VCR to it so I could watch video nasties to my heart's content.

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    Oh and when my family first got a colour telly, it was just in time for the 1976 Olympic Games and my grandad spoke to his workmates saying 'how green the pool water was' which annoyed them as they only had black and white!

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