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Thread: 'Private Schultz' t.v. War Drama...

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    Default 'Private Schultz' t.v. War Drama...

    Hi there..

    ok, can anyone else remeber this? Id love to see it again..a Drama series around the Start of the 1980's starring a young Michael Elphick, 'Charlie Slater' in Eastenders and well knows for 'Boon' set in World War 2 where he played a lowly German Private (possibly Waffen S.S.? how controversial!! and not p.c.!!!) and had various adventures possibly coonnected to stolen gold that was to be dumped in a lake maybe? something like that..think he was garrisoned in a Castle too..apart from that my memory fades..I loved this programme..anyone remember it well? thanks all...

    Best wishes...

    Rab ;0)

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    Yep, I remember Private Schultz. His commandant was Ian Richardson, the guy who went on to play the scheming MP in House of Cards, and was the university chancellor in Porterhouse Blue.

    I also seem to remember a Jewish character named Solly, and that the premise behind the show was to make millions of counterfeit British banknotes, drop them into the UK, and destroy the British economy.



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    Yeah remember this vaguely

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