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Thread: opinions please! Retro/geekery

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    Oh Zelda thats great.
    I love Zelda.

    how about say link as well and ganon too.

    perhaps the kongs and king K rool from donkey kong 64.
    they are lanky,chunky,diddy,donkey,and tiny.

    perhaps Samus Aran.

    if you know who all these characters.

    i sure know them.

    Quote Originally Posted by smiles7964 View Post
    Thanks. They don't take that long really, esp if you make a big batch. I wasn't planning on the mario brothers, but I wil prob make a Lara Croft and Zelda ones : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidthomas27 View Post
    Johnny Five from 'Short Circuit'.
    lol i always wanted one of those radio controlled miniature Johnny Fives from the 2nd movie, but i doubt they existed

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    Ive a feeling that if you are planning on making something from tv/music/movies etc then they would all have some sort of copyright stopping anyone making anything to do with said person/brand.

    Id look into it first before making money of it as you may end up owing more than you made.

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