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Thread: Does anyone know this 1970s drawing toy ....

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    Default Does anyone know this 1970s drawing toy ....

    Around 1973 - 75 I was given a drawing toy which consisted of transparent, coloured, rectangular "stencils", approx 10" x 8". The theme of this toy was horses (I was horse mad at the time). I think there were five different coloured plastic "stencils" - yellow, pink, blue, possibly green and another one - one was a horse, together with items of tack, a foal, a male rider, a female rider and a child. The idea was that each plate had the various parts of the bodies (horse and human) which you drew around, matching up body with legs, head, tail etc, to make an "action" picture. There were little dots that you marked to line up the legs, head, arms, etc, thereby being able to design any type of action, ie you could have the horse stood still with legs straight, trotting, galloping or jumping and the riders could also be stood up, sat on the horse etc. The people were drawn "naked" and there were then "stencils" for their clothes - jodphurs, boots, hacking jacket - as well as saddles and bridles for the horse.

    I hope I have described this in a way that can be understood. I have a feeling it may have been made by either Mattel or Palitoy, but I'm not sure. I have scoured the internet looking for "1970s drawing toys", particularly Google images, but have not found anything like it. I also think there were other versions/subjects, but cannot remember what.

    I really hope someone can help me with this, as it's driving me to distraction .

    Thanks in anticipation


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    "Vintage MAGIDRAW Drawing System: Horses,Girls,Lions,Elephants etc An easy and entertaining way of learning to draw. Uses positioning points to enable a child to create an endless variety of action drawings. This set will teach a child to draw horses, girls and various wild animals. Will provide hours of creative play and an endless variety of pictures."

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    Thanks Heather for that quick reply. It looks very similar, but I don't remember that name or the box. I will do some further searches based on that, though. It may have been an earlier or later version (difficult to date that box).

    Thanks again, at least it's a start.


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    There's more pics in google images

    The above box is from the 70's.

    Could also be know as Sketch-a-form?

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    I've also found it under the name Uni-draw (1970's)

    click to enlarge
    Pony and Girl set

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Does anyone know this 1970s drawing toy ....

    Don't think it's what you're on about but I had something similar (so it seems a place to put it), round stencil discs but the lines in the stencil seemed very random. It had numbered notches on the outside of the disc and a hole in the middle for a pin to hold the disc in place. Place a small line at the top, line up the No.1 notch and draw in the correspondingly numbered stencil line, turn the disc to No.2 and draw in line 2 and so on till completed. Take out pin, remove disc to see picture.

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    Default Re: Does anyone know this 1970s drawing toy ....

    It's not Spirograph is it?

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    oh my goodness!...............i had a spirograph............hours and hours of doing the same thing *giggles*

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