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Thread: Perfumes in the 1970s !

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    Is anyone else disappointed with the re-introduced AQUA MANDA bath oil? Lovely fragrance as before, but the original one was a Foaming Bath Oil, which means it dispersed in the water properly. The current one is just a bath oil. I've tried emulsifying it with a shampoo or foam bath, but it's still like sitting in an oil slick. They have not properly re-introduced this item and have taken short cuts.

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    Does anyone remember a perfume from the early 1960s called MANHATTAN? My friend's mother used it and, as far as I can remember, it was by Max Factor. To my young nose it smelt so sophisticated.

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    Yardley's Sea Jade and Khadine. Tabu!!

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    Favorite of my mum - Magie Noir from Lancome 1978, still remember this smell

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    Default Perfumes in the 1970s !

    I still wear Denim aftershave although I use Aramis rather than the original..

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