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Thread: The Artist fka 'stockportyears'

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    Good morning.

    Used to post in this forum years ago as stockportyears. I'd forgotten about it tbh, but I've found it again. Then couldn't remember my password to log in again... this isn't going very well for a site called 'Do You Remember?' is it?... anyway, password recovery no use as the email address I registered with in 2010 no longer exists. So thought what the hell, I'll re-register. As I've been watching a lot of Vega$ on YT lately, Dan Tanna was the first pseudonym that came into my head.

    I also like to think I look a little like Robert Urich....

    Probably won't post as much as I did when I first joined. But hello none the less. Glad some of my old threads, such as 'Communist Radio Tirana' are still of interest.

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    And now I remember why I left! I was doing a radio programme on community radio which I was promoting heavily on the board. I got a PM from a mod saying something like it was excessive advertising/spamming which breaks the T and Cs. I probably flounced off in a hissy fit. I'm prone to do that every now and again. Oh well. Doesn't matter now, I'll play nicely and not promote anything!!

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