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Thread: Happy Birthday To You!

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    Default Happy Birthday To You!

    We get one every year though after so many we stop counting them or wanting them..... Birthday's I mean.
    Tell us your best/ worst birthday memory.
    How did you usually spend your birthday as a child?
    Birthday parties.....where did you have them and what did you do?
    Best/worst birthday present?

    My best birthday memory was winning my gold medal for Classical ballet when I was 8yrs old.
    My worst birthday memory was my Grandad's cremation.
    My best birthday present was my first born.... she was born 4 weeks earlier.
    Getting to wake up at Nan's on my birthday was the best because she would bring me tea and toast in bed and we would have a lazy start watching tv in bed.
    Mrs Oggy
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    I know what my worst was - my 39th. Those with whom I spent the day ( not my family, may I add ) started fighting among themselves & made for a lousy atmosphere for the rest of the break ( I'm a 26 Dec baby ).
    Every other birthday has been great, lots of presents & goodies but , most importantly, those around me healthy & happy.
    Into the 5th Millennium & beyond...!

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