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Thread: What was this film called?

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    Default What was this film called?

    Released sometime from 78-81. I think it might have been a Captain Nemo film (or something similar). Their was a split-screen sequence in it where on one side a bloke was wearing a mask/helmet with eye-shields, while the other shows a Polaris missile being launched from the sea.

    It is the only feature film at the cinema whose title I can't remember! Been bugging me for some time. Can anyone help?

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    'The Amazing Captain Nemo' (1978) ?
    Their light of pocket torch, of signal flare,
    Licks at the edge of unsuspected places,
    While others scan, under an arc-lamp's glare,
    Nursery, kitchen sink, or their own faces.
    -Kingsley Amis

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