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Thread: John Candy

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    I still can't get images out of my head from when he played in the film Spaceballs. He was his own best friend a cross between man and dog.

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    Funnily enough I was trying to think about Uncle Buck when it was on ITV after the Big Ben bongs in the early hours of New Year's Day - I was skimming through the Sky Digital channels on Christmas Day and saw half of it, but kicked myself for not setting the recorder, but I was glad when I saw it was on ITV itself a week later.

    I saw some of it on Sky Movies a few years previously, and the scene where someone wears jodhpurs in the front room came to mind but I couldn't remember the name of the film - I knew that it wasn't something to do with horse-riding or anything like that, but I was pleased when I saw the film and that scene which put it together.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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    I loved the late John Candy such a funny man Uncle Buck think was my favourite

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