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Thread: Christmas cards and Christmas traditions?

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    Default Christmas cards and Christmas traditions?

    Because I'm a year round fan of Christmas and it makes me feel all warm and cosy I wondered if anyone has any traditions they've carried across from their childhood?

    My favourite thing was counting all the Xmas cards when I was allowed to take them down then cutting out the pictures and drawing on them for weeks afterwards till there was nothing left but the message sides and scraps of card. I give all of ours to the kids now but its usually me who gets excited the most. Still, I'll keep hammering the memory in to their brains in the hope they'll do the same with their own.

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    Default Re: Christmas cards and Christmas traditions?

    When I was a kid we had the xmas cards on a string with those card pegs to secure them.In the 80s we tried those card holder things.I remember counting them and having a look at who sent them but what happened to thm afterwards I cant remember.Nowadays we recycle them a few days into January

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    We did and I still do put cards on strings

    My Nan use to get us to make tags out of them for the next year, which I have done with my two, but not know they are teenagers. We use to make our own glue out of flour n water too.

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    Default Re: Christmas cards and Christmas traditions?

    Funny enough the parents still do christmas cards on a string which is pinned to the wall.
    Theyve done it sin
    ce i was baby which is a long time ago.:d

    weve a small tree which sits on the top of the tv.

    One time we had a real tree but pines got everywhere so that was a one off from memory.
    We would put a few things in the window that lit up.

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