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Thread: Scary fire adverts!

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    I finally found the logo!

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    There was a 1986 Anglia TV ad break on YT that has that British Gas "Brian, I can smell gas" one - cue woman about to switch the light on, and Brian shouting "NO!" A mention of a British Gas advert appearing in national newspapers, giving us advice on how to prevent a gas leak and telling us to cut the advertisement out of the newspaper and keep it somewhere safe because it could save out lives.

    In that same ad break, there was that "get out, get the fire brigade out, and stay out" one, which shows a man trying to put a fire started in an armchair in record time with a bucket of water from the kitchen. Scared me as well because it was just after the Rovers Return fire was seen on Coronation Street. Pure torture.
    I am now in my 40s (just in case anyone asks).

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