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Thread: Remembering Valentines day

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    Wow u have a good memory to remember that.

    When i was at school i dont think we sent each other valentines cards well not at primary school anyway.

    I can imagine u being a bit upset tho..

    Quote Originally Posted by screamqueen View Post
    remember being very upset on valentine's day at age 8 when i was one of only two girls in the class who didn't get a valentine - the other one was a girl who got bullied because she was an irish traveller and lived on a camp site. I didn't actually like any boys (as it turned out i'm a lesbian ...) was just disappointed at being singled out as the "unattractive" one and subsequently made fun of for not getting any valentines!

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    If you are single, just think of it as being another day - after all, it's not quite Christmas Day, is it? - who cares if no one sends you a card?

    I wonder whether the postman will deliver me anything in the post today, even if it is a bill?
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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    Yes just another day dont bother with cards anymore.I remember getting engaged on Valentines day 35 years ago I dont even like red Rose's no I couldn't care less anymore been there,nice for romantic pairs though

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    Don't think I ever received a Valentine's card. Maybe one from the 2nd Mrs PW, but nowt before that.

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    There was a guy 2 customers in front of me In the queue at morrisons,he had a bouquet a red rose card and a gift card for his sweetheart I thought that was nice

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