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Thread: Things you no longer see or hear on TV

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    Someone may have mentioned this before, but no Disney Time anymore. It was a staple of Bank Holidays. I guess availability of Disney films on video rendered it irrelevant.

    Agree on Robinson Crusoe. What a great series and the music was wonderfully haunting. Always seemed to be on in various school holidays.

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    Watching the F.A. Cup final on BBC1 and hoping it wouldn't go into extra time, because if it did Dr Who might be postponed.

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    Enjoyed a cartoon when they had time to fill for whatever reason,even the caption "sorry for the breakdown, normal service will be etc" has sunk into nostalgia,and the continuity announcer saying goodnight and dont forget to switch off your set and unplug it before you go to bed following the national anthem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arran View Post

    Colour Production - still being used on new programmes in the mid 1980s.
    It was something that seemed more than obvious to the average viewer, unless they still were using monochrome TV sets of course. I know that the BBC stopped using BBC COLOUR around the end of 1977 - the first four or five episodes of the first series of Grange Hill had COLOUR on them but they must have stopped using it from the start of 1978. (I always think of "Sound Recordist GRAHAM BEDWELL" when I think of early GH series credits...)

    Looking at ITV companies, Thames was the last one to stop using COLOUR PRODUCTION in 1989 mostly because they had been still using the same ident since colour TV started in London, more or less. On the other hand, there was an HTV (West) network programme from as early as 1977 on YT which didn't use the word "colour" on - either they stopped using the word earlier than anyone else or they never used it in the first place. Ironic considering the fact that they were not in the first phase of colour transmissions when they were introduced. ATV, Southern and Westward ceased doing that when they ceased broadcasting at the end of 1981.

    Interesting with regards to the word "PRODUCTION" on ITV idents - Tyne Tees never used the word on their idents until the 1989 generic ITV era, and Granada stopped using the word at the same time as they stopped using the word "COLOUR", probably because their ident wouldn't have looked right with one word at the bottom.
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    The first series of Blake's 7 has Colour at the end of the credits, these were shown in early 1978, so the change happened soon afterwards.

    The BBC had removed Colour from their logos when they were updated in late 1974.
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