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Thread: Super mousse??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny View Post
    Got a pic

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    Quote Originally Posted by jolima71 View Post
    i remember the advert lol
    "when you come to the end of a supermousse
    why go and break your heart
    when you come to the end of a supermousse
    its where another can start "

    well thats what i always thought they sang lol
    I will correct you there, if i may

    "When you come to the end of a Supermousse
    Why go and break your heart
    With chocolate and strawberry and mint choc chip
    Cos the end's where another begins"

    They actually make Supermousse until a few years ago. I remember when my sis got married a few years ago and it was her turn to cook for the first time. Our parents had always cooked at home, so my sis was very proud to say that she had made "Alphabites, spaghetti hoops and a Supermousse". I am surprised that they are still married to be honest.

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    Fantastic SuperMosse Advert 1981

    TV ARK

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    Default Birds eye supermousse

    Ive just come back from Asda with some Birds Eye Supermousse!! - they've brought them back although that said they're not quite the same as I remember as a kid

    Does anyone remember another mousse i'm not sure if they were made by Birds Eye or not. They came in either milk or dark chocolate and had three or four small blobs of cream in the middle - I just cant remeber what they were called?!!

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    We've had mention of them before and a member seems to remember then as "Lovelys"
    I also read on line that there was chocolate, dark chocolate and Mint Lovelys

    Talking of Supermousse

    Advert can be seen here

    Wendy Criag did an advert for birds eye CHOCOLATE LOVELY DESERT

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    I remember in the 1980s they used to have a moose mascot on the lid.

    For A long time they only seemed to be available in old school cinemas, but sometime in the 1990s my Mum started to buy them again.
    The Trickster On The Roof

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    AWESOME ad bud. I never had SuperMousse but it sure sounds like something I would have liked. Was it a UK thing or was it in the States too

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    They're back! You can now buy Birds eye super mousse in Tesco's only in Strawberry or Chocolate and caramel flavours!

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