Hi Group, just came back from a few days away at one of my1970's childhood Holiday destinations - Christchurch near Bournemouth England. Lovely place and if im not wrong a forumite lives there too?

Anyway, you guys have always come to the rescue with my obscure memories in the past, lets hope you can help this time. Hope im posting in the correct place for this little memory request.

At Highcliffe on top of the Cliffs there used to be a lovely Beach Cafe called "The Crow's Nest" The style of the build was 1960s, but I remember in the 1970s and 1980's it being very popular and sold Beach balls, kites ice creams etc to all the holiday makers. We went to look at the old place again......... It had gone!!!! In it's place now stands a modern Cafe called Cliffhanger, it's next to a big car park.

After doing a bit og Google Foo all I can discover are couple of photos and a brief story about someone crashing a car into it around 1990 and it being destroyed in the fireball.

Anyone got anymore photos, and memories of the old place please?