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Thread: School dinners

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    Just remembered something else. The path we had to stand to wait to get into the dinner hall was lined with flowering bushes that attracted wasps. So we often got stung by a Jasper or two while waiting to get fed. Wonder if they were planted there for a reason or a warning of what to expect from our dinner lady's or to put people off waiting.

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    When I started secondary school in September 1973, school dinners were 12p per day. At primary school and secondary school there was no choice. I would class the food as basic but filling, and perfectly okay. My favourite was chips, fish fingers and beans, followed by chocolate shortcake and mint custard. For puddings there was quite a lot of the sponge and custard variety, doubtless as it was cheap, but again filling. We would sometimes get rice pudding or tapioca with raspberry jam. We would mix the jam into the pudding and turn it pink.

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    I always went home for dinner when I was at school (which I wasn't if you think about it), hence being 30 seconds late for afternoon lessons. Ironically, some of the lunchtime supervisors (dinner ladies to the working classes) were very supportive of someone like myself.

    I suppose that it wasn't too different to the local councils' meals on wheels service which I had sampled regularly for a few years due to being, shall we say, disposed of for personal reasons.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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    At primary I used to hate the school dinners and had potatoes and gravy most days then I had the idea of trading my meal for an afters like Apple pie and custard soooo then I’d no main meal but TWO lots of Pie and custard

    At secondary I used to take Salmon butties and realised I could sell them to get extra cash for pop singles ( 7” vinyl) ..
    By the second year ( aged12) we used to break the rules and skip through the neighbouring field to get to the local chippy ... the owners knew we weren’t allowed so they opened a little back room that seated about 20 of us ( out of sight )

    I enjoyed the ‘danger’ of it all as well as I was such a goodie goodie at school - until I started truanting some afternoons to avoid English and the bullying teacher who ‘liked’ the girls but brutalised us lads physically and mentally..I still feel hatred towards him 50 years later

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