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Thread: Old Cinemas

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    The Crescent, Ropergate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZipperCat View Post
    The Crescent, Ropergate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire

    A few cinemas had their circles blocked off then the stalls were converted for another use, or else used as another screen.

    I've heard of one that was eventually split into 4 small screens from an original big single screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donald The Great View Post
    Just the thing on a cold day by the sounds of things.
    Mmmmm i love the smell of hot dogs, i hardly eat them though as i know what goes into them, all edible ingredients but i'm so fussy with food. I usually take my own snacks into the cinema, maltesers or crisps, and a nice cold shandy��

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    "A nice cold shandy" into a cinema. Bit of a cheek.. sounds like a good idea.. may take a rum or bourbon and green coke into my next movie.

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