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Thread: Possible 1970s American advert on British TV.

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    Default Possible 1970s American advert on British TV.

    I can't remember if this was an advert for food or something else:-

    The scene seemed to be in a restaurant, or possibly a hotel. The main part was in the kitchen area. The orders were coming in very fast, the staff were doing their best to keep things running. After a couple of seconds, the head chef starts running around at an unbelievable speed, obviously the film was speeded up. Everybody else, waiters etc. do the same. The film speed returns to normal, with everybody satisfied with their meal. At the very end, the head chef looks at the camera and says something like, " And that's how........" Unfortunately, I can't remember what he says, but he seems to be pointing his finger towards the TV viewer.

    I remember this from the mid seventies, possibly 1975/6. I don't think it was a comedy sketch out of some American comedy. I pretty sure he was holding something at the very end.

    Can any body help?
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    Default Re: Possible 1970s American advert on British TV.

    Not sure about that advert but I'd like to know if the Charlie perfume advert aired in the UK at around that time. It featured a lady getting out of a 1940s/50s convertible and throwing the keys to the driver before entering a restaurant. The lyrics went: 'And they call it, Charlie! Kinda young, kinda now, Charlie, kinda free, kinda wow, Charlie!' Ect. I know it aired in the US but possibly in the UK, too

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