Can't remember who made them or what they were called, but there was a range of Jellies in the 80s for a few years which my brother, sister and cousins and myself all used to like, but none of us can remember what they were called, or what the flavours were...

I do remember that they all had "funky" type names for each flavour, based on colour, which were something like:

- Boogaloo Blue (raspberry I assume?);
- Pink-A-Dink (strawberry, or cherry?);
- Yippee Yellow (lemon?)

Those are the colours that definitely existed, as me, my siblings and cousins remember them all, although my brother says he's certain there was also a lime flavour one called "Eeny Meany Green" although I don't remember that one personally.

Anyone else remember them, and know who made them, or what they were called?