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    Oh i see

    storylines could be interesting suck as the dangers and advantages of social media which i think he mentioned in the interview.

    Quote Originally Posted by 80schav View Post
    nit is just a question of getting the bbc on-board i think daren, but so far they are'nt interested - humours knows why though lol

    as for me regardless of grange hill - phil is a very inflential man in tv circles, he created brrookside .... C4's first ever soap and years before easteenders at that, then saved emmerdale when the old writers knew it could'nt be just "emmerdalle farm" no longer and hollyaks will be 25 in 2020 too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post
    Oh i see

    storylines could be interesting suck as the dangers and advantages of social media which i think he mentioned in the interview.
    The British Isles needs it I think Daarren, like in the 70s all kids knew about School was soft imaginary shows like Billy The Kid etc, if it was dune as so it'd take TV back full swing to before reality TV began and how programmes did educate kids and youth etc like GH and The Bill even too!

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    I saw Arran Bell once as an employee of The Firm in EastEnders back in '88. Didn't look at all intimidating or scary. Not like Ziggy Byfield or the guy who played Dolly's husband in Widows.

    If they bring back GH, good for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 80sChav View Post
    If Grange Hill is to come back - now is the time I think as Phil has the "Zammo idea" and as long as it's set in London like before why not!!?

    Like somebody said ( or rather what I read elswhere) "school's will always exist, so we need school type programes andit is the same with the Police etc - now we have no The Bill, but we need shows like that not CSI Investigates etc ... let this Grange Hill chance go now and the chance is wrecked forever I think (and only 11 Years aftit ended - nearly)

    All of us who love it as fans Imho should get behind Phil's Ideas - so the BBC CAN not tirn it down!!

    As well as his thoughts on knife crime etc - we could ve even pick up where we left off in Series 25 (not literally) but "scrap" the Liverpool years and call it a spin-off, as even 17 years back we had Cyber Bullying, Knife Crime in 1998 Series, so if Phil's as serious as he is and as influential it's o a true-true winner I say!

    Quite a few good points made - schools will always exist, but I have always said that there is a lot more education going on outside a school then inside one. Remember that we had police dramas before The Bill started - The Sweeney; Dixon of Dock Green, Z Cars, etc. Casualty and Holby City represents hospitals, etc. Grange Hill is closer to the focus of schools than a series like Please Sir! would be.

    Obviously knife crime is a delicate subject for a programme shown not only before the watershed but in children's hour as GH was - the mainstream soap operas have shown knife attacks even if they are before the watershed - a Brian Tilsley-alike stabbing would be too graphic for a post-Newsround slot. It does happens as we know from the news, and it happened in my own area before I moved to where I am now.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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