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    This is a must have for any console collector. I got mine off Ebay about 16 years ago for about 50. Back in 1992 when we all got our UK PAL SNESs my mate's cousin had the US SNES and when we played games on that and went back to the PAL system it was awful. The biggest noticeable difference in a game was the Street Fighters. The US game has black borders at the top and bottom because if they had made the game fit the screen they would have had to stretch the characters so when the PAL release came along it was double squished and unplayabley slow. I eventually got my hands on a pair of Nintendo screwdrivers and was able to open it up and remove the tabs, now I can play my Japanese games on it without having to use my Universal Adapter. Only need the adapter now for my PAL games because of Nintendo's snidey regional lockout chips. For Christmas last year I got a China version of the Super Everdrive and it came with both a US and a PAL ROMset. Finally got to play Castlevania 5 without having to pay the silly money that the cartridge goes for these days.

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