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    Can anyone remember the Eggheads advert? I think it was possibly for Toshiba although I'm not a 100% Sure.

    I'm also after the Natural Born Smoker Advert coz that used to scare the living hell out of me when I was younger (I remember him having a really large head and long nose, long fingers and he was sat in the dark with these horrible eyes!)

    Also can anyone remember the Canny Bag Wor Tudor Crisps Advert?

    What Happened to Tudor Crisps!

    Oh and Tab Clear I used to love drinking that as a Kid!!

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    Actually I just found the advert on Youtube!! maybe should have tried harder ha ha ha!!
    This is the Natural Born Smoker Advert
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    Don't remember that,but bloody freaky..

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    Has anyone seen the new Mr.T Snickers advert, it cracks me up!!!

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    Default Re: Adverts This one? yeah, funny as hell that! (I don't get to see it on TV being in Australia)

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    Scary Natural Born Smoker advert....but still hasn't worked?
    The eyes have it!

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    thats the one, makes me laugh.

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    i can remember a advert with a scottish person saying theres a moose loose about the hoouse but i havent a clue what it was from, any clues?

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    That was for Maynards Wine Gums

    It was..Hoots Mon, here's juice loose aboot this hoose..

    (LORD ROCKINGHAM'S XI did the original tune)
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    ahhh thats it!!! had me thinking too bumble!! I couldn't remember what it was for either.

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