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    No sure if I've asked before? But looking for a mid 70's kids TV show.
    I'm 99.9% sure it was called Scribble.
    was on lunchtime afternoons

    the basic premise was kid would make a random scribble on a board
    and the female presenter would add to the scribble and make a picture out of it

    seems to have skipped everyone's memory as I can find no trace of it online

    i recall it because the presenter did it as a act for kids at a holiday camp I was staying at in the
    70's and I used to watch the show on TV

    i know I didn't dream it

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    The basic premise of 'Scribble' sounds vaguely familiar and I think I must have seen it, but the title didn't ring any bells, nor do I recall the presenter. 'Paint along with Nancy' is much more familiar. The artist was Nancy Kominsky, an American lady, and I think her show was on just prior to the start of children's after-school programmes on ITV.

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