I used to watch this movie on VHS when I was a child in the late 90s. Let me know if someone remembers this. It is NOT animated - real actors. So, it begins when kids of different ages get up in a dormitory (kind of a hostel, maybe). And the whole day is conveyed through many nursery rhymes. The day starts by them getting ready to go to a picnic of sorts, where they of course meet a lot of stuffed animals. And they go to have lunch in some place, travel in a red bus ('Wheels of the Bus go round and round' playing), go to the zoo (with 'Old McDonald had a farm' in the background) and then return back (with the rhyme 'Baba Black Sheep' playing in the background). It would be about an hour long or more, don't remember that well. Sorry for being really vague. Would love to show it to my children. Any help is appreciated.