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    Quote Originally Posted by Silver Bear View Post
    Henry Kelly (Christmas Day 1981, 7.40pm) went on to be the first presenter on Classic FM in 1992.

    He was also host of a lunchtime game show that I used to watch whenever I could...Going for which the prize was a trip to the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staffslad View Post
    Moira Stuart was a busy lady that year.
    Moira is someone who doesn't really celebrate Christmas, and so she would have agreed to come in to work on Christmas Day and Boxing Day to read the news bulletins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twocky61 View Post
    One year Sharon Osbourne did an alternative Queen's Speech on C4 against the BBC's real Queen's Speech lokl
    That was in 2002 - a year that I was specially interested in watching the Queen's message, as I wanted to see what she had to say, considering it was the same year that she had lost both her mother and sister, and of course it was her Golden Jubilee celebrations as well. She said that it was as full as year as she can remember.

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    We all used to love Christmas morning when some guy ( Leslie Crowther ?) used to visit a hospital and give every kid a great present !

    It was such a lovely feel good program

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    Quote Originally Posted by darren View Post

    Christmas Day 1977 - Sunday 25th December 1977 - BBC-1 Television
    8:55am Star Over Bethlehem, Christmas music
    9:55am Playboard
    10:10am Appeal, Wells Cathedral
    10:15am Christmas Worship from All Saints Parish Church, Kingston-upon-Thames
    11:15am The Bear who Slept through Christmas (cartoon film)
    11:40am National Velvet (film) starring Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney
    1:40pm Are You Being Served?
    2:10pm Top of the Pops '77 (part 1)
    3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
    3:05pm Billy Smart's Christmas Circus
    4:05pm The Wizard of Oz (film) starring Judy Garland
    5:45pm Basil Through the Looking Glass, with Basil Brush and Howard Williams
    6:15pm News
    6:25pm Family Carols from the Albert Hall
    7:15pm Bruce Forsyth and the Generation Game
    8:20pm The Mike Yarwood Christmas Show
    8:55pm The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show
    10:00pm News
    10:05pm Funny Girl (film) starring Barbra Streisand, Omar Sharif
    12:30pm Weather

    Christmas Day 1977 - Sunday 25th December 1977 - BBC-2 Television
    12:45pm Sing All Ye Faithful: Carols from St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill
    1:30pm News Review presents a continental holiday with deaf children
    2:15pm The World About Us: The Predators (wildlife film)
    3:00pm Alpha Omega (cartoon)
    3:10pm The Lively Arts-in Performance: Coppelia, ballet, music by Delibes
    4:40pm In Deepest Britain: Plants and animals by the sea
    5:10pm Celebration: Portrait of the Queen's summer Jubilee tour
    5:40pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
    5:50pm Storm Boy (film) starring Greg Rowe, Peter Cummins, David Gulpilil
    7:15pm Thanks for the Memory: The viewer's view of television
    9:35pm Christmas Past, introduced by James Cameron
    10:05pm Country Holiday: Music with Crystal Gayle, Larry Gatlin, George Hamilton IV, Pete Sayers
    10:50pm News
    10:55-12:45am The Big Sleep (film) starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall (b-w)

    Christmas Day 1977 - Sunday 25th December 1977 - ITV - London Weekend Television (LWT)
    8:45am Carol Concert, from Wells Cathedral
    9:45am Cartoons
    10:00am Parish Mass, from Our Lady of St Oswin's Tynemouth
    11:00am A Merry Morning, with Jimmy Tarbuck, Guy Kent, The Wurzels, Roger Stevenson
    11:45am Cartoons
    12noon Robinson Crusoe and the Tiger (film) starring Hugo Stiglitz
    2:00pm Just William
    3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
    3:10pm To See Such Fun: Four decades of film fun
    4:40pm Emu's Christmas Adventure
    5:40pm News
    5:45pm The Muppet Show: with Julie Andrews
    6:15pm Sale of the Century
    6:40pm Stars on Christmas Sunday: Bing Crosby, Gracie Fields, Mary O'Hara, Harry Secombe
    7:15pm Young Winston (1972 film) starring Robert Shaw, Anne Bancroft, Simon Ward
    10:05pm News
    10:05pm Stanley Baxter's Greatest Hits (repeat)
    11:30pm Celebration: The Joys of Christmas in Words and Music
    12:30am Christmas Message from the Archbishop of Cantebury





    Great work there !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by George 1978 View Post
    Moira is someone who doesn't really celebrate Christmas, and so she would have agreed to come in to work on Christmas Day and Boxing Day to read the news bulletins.

    Thanks for the information. I didn't know that about Moira.

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    have a look here

    you can see all the listings for Christmas past
    Age is just a number - If yours bothers you stop counting

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    Christmas 1982
    Christmas Eve 1982 - Friday 24th December 1982 - BBC-1 Television
    9:20am Charlie Brown's Christmas
    9:45am The Wombles
    9:50am Jackanory: Cherryl Campbell reads The Snow Queen
    10:05am Why Don't You ...?
    10:25am Battle of the Planets (cartoon series): Island of Fear
    10:50am Play Chess
    11:00am Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (1946 film) starring Johnny Wesissmuller (b-w)
    12:10pm Edgar Kennedy: Rough On Rents (1942 RKO short)
    12:30pm News After Noon, with Jan Leeming
    12:45pm See-Saw: Pigeon Street: for younger viewers
    1:00pm The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964 film) starring Sophia Loren, Stephen Boyd, Alec Guinness, James Mason
    3:55pm Play School
    4:20pm Mighty Mouse
    4:25pm Jackanory: Jeremy Irons reads Paul Galico Stories: The Small Miracle part 2
    4:40pm Hong Kong Phooey
    4:55pm Crackerjack: Introduced by Stu Francis, Special Guests: Keith Harris and Orville
    5:35pm Paddington
    5:40pm Evening News, with Jan Leeming
    5:55pm Regional News
    6:05pm The Kids International Show
    6:35pm 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954 Disney film) starring Kirk Douglas, James Mason
    8:40pm Christmas with Terry and June
    9:10pm Main News, with Jan Leeming
    9:25pm Oh Yes I am .... Oh No You're Not!: documentary looking at pantomimes, commentary by Prunella Scales
    10:20pm Carry On ... Don't Lose Your Head (1967 film) starring Sidney James, Kenneth Williams
    11:50-12:50am Midnight Mass of the Nativity: from the Church of Our Lady and St Joseph Hanwell, Middlesex

    Christmas Eve 1982 - Friday 24th December 1982 - BBC-2 Television
    11:00-11:25am Play School
    2:00pm The Islanders (1/4)
    2:30pm Schools Prom, from the Royal Albert Hall
    3:10pm The Book Game (new series) introduced by Robert Robinson
    3:40pm A Christmas Carol, with Michael Bryant
    3:55pm Sellers over Christmas: I'm All Right Jack (1960 film)
    starring Peter Sellers, Ian Carmichael, Terry-Thomas, Richard Attenborough
    5:40pm K9 and Company: Dr Who spin-off starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith
    6:30pm The Year They Raised The Mary Rose
    7:35pm News Summary
    7:40pm A Service of Nine Lessons and Carols from King's
    8:40pm The Forgotten Voyage: The Story of Alfred Russel Walker, written by Elaine Morgan
    10:00pm The Old Grey Whistle Test presents Elton John, from the Hammersmith Odeon, London
    11:00pm News on 2: with Jan Leeming
    11:05pm Russell Harty: at home in Yorkshire
    11:50-1:25am The Gathering (TV film) starring Edward Asner, Maureen Stapleton

    Christmas Eve 1982 - Friday 24th December 1982 - ITV - Thames Television (London)
    9:30am Sesame Street
    10:30am A Handful of Songs: Keith Field, Maria Morgan
    10:40am One Upon a Time: Mark Wynter tells the story of Puss-in-Boots
    10:55am The Dollar Bottom, with Robert Urquahart, Rikki Fulton. A humorous tale set in Scotland in 1953.
    11:30am A Christmas Treat: Author Edna O'Brien reads her own story 'The Dazzle'.
    12noon Aldabra - Island of Giant Tortoises (documentary)
    1:00pm ITN News at One
    1:20pm Thames News
    1:30pm The Journey: Kim Goody, Gordon Neville, Robin Askwith
    2:00pm We Six Kings: The King's Singers, from Nostell Priory, Yorkshire
    2:30pm Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood (1975 film) starring Bruce Dern, Madeline Kahn
    4:15pm Strawberry Ice: Spectacular fantasy on Ice
    5;15pm The Goodies Christmas Special: Snow White 2
    5:45pm ITN News
    6:00pm Thames Weekend News
    6:30pm Punchlines: Lennie Bennett hosts

    Christmas Eve 1982 - Friday 24th December 1982 - ITV - London Weekend Television (LWT)
    7:00pm A Christmas Lantern: Cliff Richard, Wayne Sleep
    8:00pm In Loving Memory: Thora Hird, Christopher Beeny
    8:30pm The Stanley Baxter Hour
    9:30pm ITN News
    9:45pm A Christmas Carol: Operetic setting for Dickens' classic tale
    11:45-12:30pm Watchnight Service: from St Andrew's and St George's Church of Scotland, Edinburgh


    Christmas Day 1982 - Saturday 25th December 1982 - BBC-1 Television
    8:40am The All-New Pink Panther Show
    9:00am Carols from Buckfast
    9:45am Christmas Parade: Hyde Park Barracks: The Queen's Life Guard
    10:35am Christmas Morning Service: from St Chad's Church, Lichfield
    11:40am Raccoons on Ice (musical cartoon) narrated by Rich Little, voices of Rita Coolidge and Leo Sayer
    12:05pm Mister Quilp (1975 film) starring Anthony Newley, David Hemmings
    2:00pm Top of the Pops '82: Christmas Party with Peter Powell, John Peel, Dave Lee Travis, Steve Wright,
    Andy Peebles, Richard Skinner, Tommy Vance, Mike Smith and Mike Read
    3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
    3:05pm International Velvet (1978 film) starring Tatum O'Neal, Nanette Newman, Christopher Plummer, Anthony Hopkins
    Written, Produced and Directed by Bryan Forbes
    5:10pm News, with Jan Leeming
    5:20pm Jim'll Fix It: Jimmy Savile
    6:00pm The Paul Daniels Magic Christmas Show:
    6:55pm Last of the Summer Wine: All Mod Conned: Bill Owen, Peter Sallis, Brian Wilde
    7:30pm The Two Ronnies Christmas Show: Guest: David Essex
    8:15pm Agatha Christie's Death On The Nile (1978 film) starring Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot
    10:30pm News, with Jan Leeming
    10:40pm Perry Como: Christmas in Paris
    11:30pm The Signalman: Ghost Story for Christmas
    12:10-12:40am Christmas Night with The Spinners: at the Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

    Christmas Day 1982 - Saturday 25th December 1982 - BBC-2 Television
    2:10pm The Islanders (2/4)
    2:40pm Gold From the Deep: The Salvage of the Century: HMS Edinburgh: Narrated by Robert Powell
    3:40pm The Book Game
    4:10pm 25 Years in Space: A Horizon Special
    5:20pm Sellers Over Christmas: The Millionairess (1960 film) starring Peter Sellers, Sophia Loren
    6:45pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
    6:50pm News on 2, with Jan Leeming
    6:55pm The World About Us: On the Tracks of the Wild otter
    7:45pm The World of James Joyce
    9:35pm Richard Baker's Christmas Dozen: The Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Andrew Davis
    10:40-12:35am Fedora (1978 film) starring William Holden. Produced, Directed & Screenplay by Billy Wilder

    Christmas Day 1982 - Saturday 25th December 1982 - ITV - London Weekend Television (LWT)
    9:00am Journey Back to Oz (1971 film) starring Liza Minnelli, Mickey Rooney
    10:30am Christmas Morning Service: from Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady St. John's Wood, London
    11:30am Enid Blyton's The Island of Adventure (1981 film)
    1:00pm Film Fun at Christmas, with Derek Griffiths
    2:00pm Andy Williams' Christmas Special
    3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
    3:05pm The Parent Trap (1961 Disney film) starring Hayley Mills
    5:25pm ITN News
    5:35pm 3-2-1: Christmas Special: host Ted Rogers
    6:35pm Game for a Laugh: Henry Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Sarah Kennedy, Jeremy Beadle
    7:25pm Bruce Forsyth's Play Your Cards Right
    8:00pm The Black Hole (film) starring Maximillian Schell, Anthony Perkins
    9:50pm Chas & Dave's Christmas Knees-up
    10:50pm ITN News
    10:55pm Cleo and John: Cleo Laine and John Dankworth
    11:55pm The Triple Echo (1972 film) Glenda Jackson, Oliver Reed


    Christmas Sunday 1982 - 26th December 1982 - BBC-1 Television
    9:00am See-Saw: The Flumps
    9:15am Knock Knock
    9:45am The Song and the Story, with Isla St. Clair
    10:10am Asian Magazine
    10:40am Sunday Worship: from St. Michael's Parish Church, Amersham
    11:25am See Hear!
    11:35am The Edinburgh Military Tatoo in 1982
    12:45pm Junior Kick Start: Heat 1 (new series)
    1:15pm World Cup '82: Jimmy Hill
    1:45pm News Headlines
    1:50pm Orphan Train (1979 TV film) starring Jill Eikenberry, Kevin Dobson
    4:05pm Cheggers Plays Pop: Keith Chegwin
    4:30pm The All-Star Record Breakers: Roy Castle
    5:20pm Disney Time: with Rolf Harris
    6:05pm News, with Jan Leeming
    6:15pm Songs of Praise for Christmas: from Exeter Cathedral
    7:15pm Hi-de-Hi!: Eruptions
    8:00pm Airport 77 (1977 film) starring Jack Lemmon, Lee Grant
    9:50pm News
    10:00pm Call Me Kiri: Kiri Te Kanawa
    11:00pm Men v Women: Golf tournament (new series)
    11:50-12:25am The Ice House (repeat)

    Christmas Sunday 1982 - 26th December 1982 - BBC-2 Television
    12:55pm Horizon: The mysterious Mr Tesla
    1:45pm The Islanders (3/4)
    2:15pm The Lusitania File: A Newsnight special: reporter Peter Hobday
    3:05pm World Cup Chess
    3:35pm The Book Game: introduced by Robert Robinson
    4:05pm Sellers Over Christmas: Two-Way Stretch (1960 film) starring Peter Sellers
    5:30pm News Review, with Jan Leeming
    6:05pm The Ghost Downstairs, starring Cyril Cusack
    7:05pm Cricket: Fourth Test: Australia v. England
    7:30pm The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
    8:00pm The Barchester Chronicles: part 7 (final part): starring Donald Pleasance, Nigel Davenport
    8:55pm News on 2, with Jan Leeming
    9:00pm Bach Goes East
    10:00pm Agatha Christe's Spider's Web: starring Penelope Keith
    11:45-12:40am Glen Campbell in Dublin (RTE Production)

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    Christmas 1983
    Christmas Eve 1983 - Saturday 24th December 1983 - BBC-1 Television
    8:35am Inch-High Private Eye (repeat)
    9:00am From All of Us to All of You: Clips from Disney cartoons, including Snow White and Peter Pan
    9:45am The Happy World of Hanna-Barbara:
    Gene Kelly introduces Hanna-Barbara cartoons clips including The Flintstones and Huckleberry Hound
    10:50am A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1946 film) starring Bing Crosby
    12:30pm Bonanza
    1:20pm Around the World with Dot (1982 Australian cartoon)
    2:30pm The Magic of Lassie (1978) starring James Stewart, Mickey Rooney
    4:10pm The Dukes of Hazard
    5:00pm News, read by Jan Leeming
    5:10pm Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em (repeat)
    5:55pm Pop Quiz: team captains: Dave Edmunds, Roger Taylor,
    guests: Mari Wilson, Limahl, Lee John (Imagination, Midge Ure (Ultravox)
    6:30pm The Little and Large Show: guests Jimmy Cricket, Joe Brown, magician Martin Daniels, Cleo Rocos,
    Chas and Dave (singing Melancholy Baby)
    7:10pm Flash Gordon (1980 film) starring Sam Jones, Toplo, Melody Anderson, Brian Blessed
    8:55pm Val Doonican's Christmas Party: guests, Howard keel, The Nolans, Sky, Wall Street Crash
    9:40pm Bergerac: guest actress Liza Goddard
    10:35pm News, read by Jan Leeming
    10:45pm The Good Old Days: Edwardian-type entertainment from the City Varieties, Leeds
    with: Leonard Sachs, guests: Danny La Rue, Valerie Masterson, Robert White, Bernard Cribbins, Barry Cryer,
    The Clark Brothers, and a newcomer from Paris, the comedy-magician Caetan Bloom
    11:45-12:45am Midnight Eucharist: from the Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin, Blackburn

    Christmas Eve 1983 - Saturday 24th December 1983 - BBC-2 Television
    1:05pm Scrooge (1951 film) starring Alastair Sim, Kathleen Harrison
    2:30pm Shakespeare in Perspective: Roy Hudd previews The Comedy of Errors
    2:55pm The Book Game: literary quiz, chaired by Robert Robinson
    3:25pm That Touch of Mink (1962 film) starring Doris Day, Cary Grant
    5:00pm The BBC Television Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errors: with Roger Daltrey, Michael Kitchen
    6:55pm Sky at Drury Lane
    7:45pm News, read by Jan Leeming
    7:55pm Cider With Rosie, written by Laurie Lee, with Rosamary Leach as the writer's mother (repeat from 1971)
    9:30pm Private Lives: chat show with Maria Aitken, compilation of the best moments
    10:00pm Whistle Test Live: Paul Young, from the Hammersmith Odeon (also on Radio 1 in stereo)
    10:45-12:35pm To Cach a Thief (1955 Hitchcock film) starring Cary Grant, Grace Kelly

    Christmas Eve 1983 - Saturday 24th December 1983 - ITV - TV-am
    6;25-8:40am Good Morning Britain (from TV-am) Michael and Mary Parkinson
    8:40-9;25am Data Run's Christmas Party: panto quiz with Jeremy Beadle (from TV-am)

    Christmas Eve 1983 - Saturday 24th December 1983 - ITV - London Weekend Television (LWT)
    9:25am Metal Mickey (repeat)
    9:55pm Cartoon Time
    10:05am The Monsters' Christmas (New Zealand story)
    11:00am The Smurfs' Christmas Special
    11:25am The Fraggles are Coming: Curtain-raiser for a new puppet series
    11:30am Terrahawks
    12noon Film Fun at Christmas: with Derek Griffiths
    1:00pm Adam Ant: Prince Charming Revue: from London's Dominion Theatre
    2:20pm Tweety Pie (cartoon)
    2:30pm Jason and The Argonauts (1963 film) starring Todd Armstrong, Nancy Kovack, Honor Blackman
    4:25pm News from ITN
    4:30pm The Krankies at Christmas: Guests Bernie Winters, Melvyn Hayes, Jimmy Cricket, Sarah Hollamby, Pepe and the Gang
    Barbara Dickson, and Modern Romance
    5:15pm Chips: Larry Wilcox, Erik Estrada
    6:10pm Punchlines:
    guests: Diana Dors, Christopher Biggins, Faith Brown, Barbara Kelly, Mike Reid, Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog
    6:45pm 3-2-1: Dick Whittington pantomimie, hosted by Ted Rogers
    guests: Billy Dainty, Julie Rogers, Kenneth Connor and Dana
    7:45pm Cilla Black's Christmas Eve
    8:45pm Nws from ITN
    9:00pm Hart to Hart: Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers
    10:00pm Agatha Christie's Murder is Easy (1981 tv film) starring Bill Bixby, Lesley-Anne Down, Olivia de Havilland,
    Jonathan Pryce, Anthony Valentine, Timothy West
    11:45-12:40pm Midnight Mass: from St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle


    Christmas Day 1983 - Sunday 25th December 1983 - BBC-1 Television
    8:35am The Christmas Raccoons (musical cartoon)
    9:00am Carols from Newby Hall: guests Grace Kennedy, Robert White, and the Cambridge University Chamber Choir
    9:50am Away in a Manger: Christmas through the eyes of primary schoolchildren
    10:20am Christmas Morning Family Service: from The Mint Methodist Church, Exeter.
    11:20am The Little Convict: Rolf Harris as Jake the Peg
    12:35pm Ziggy's Gift (animated film)
    1:00pm Bugs Bunny (cartoon)
    1:05pm Glitterball (1977 Children's Film Fountain)
    2:00pm Top of the Pops 1983: featuring number one hits by:
    Michael Jackson, Shakin' Stevens, Men at Work, Duran Duran, Bucks Fizz, Lionel Richie, David Bowie
    3:00pm The Queen's Christmas Day Message to the Commonwealth
    3:15pm Blankety Blank: Terry Wogan with
    guests: Sabina Franklyn, Roy Kinnear, Ruth Maddoc, Patrick Moore, Beryl Reid, Freddie Starr
    3:50pm Treaure Island (1950 Disney film) starring Robert Newton, Bobby Driscoll
    5:25pm News, read by Jan Leeming
    5:25pm Jim'll Fix It: Jimmy Savile
    6:15pm Songs Of Praise Special: from Peterborough
    7:15pm The Two Ronnies:
    serial - The Adventures of Archie, with Carol Hawkins as the Blonde
    guest: Elton John
    8:05pm All Creatures Great and Small
    9:35pm Only Fools and Horses
    10:05pm News, read by Jan Leeming
    10:15pm Better Late Than Never (1983 film) starring David Niven, Maggie Smith, Art Carney
    11:45-12:15am The Spinners at York, the seasonal setting is the Victorian street at the Castle Museum.

    Christmas Day 1983 - Sunday 25th December 1983 - BBC-2 Television
    2:00pm Nobody Minded the Rain: Coronation Day 2nd June 1953 (repeat)
    3:00pm The Book Game
    3:30pm The Great Palace: The Story of Parliament (8/8)
    4:20pm Henry's Cat: (Bob Godfrey and Stan Hayward cartoon)
    4:25pm Meet Me In St. Louis (1944 film) starring Judy Garland singing The Trolley Song
    6:15pm The Natural World: Winter Days
    7:05pm News, read by Jan Leeming
    7:15pm Cinderalla: Rossini's two-act opera La Cenerentoia
    9:50pm The Queen's Christmas Day Message to the Commonwealth
    10:05pm The Bob Monkhouse Show: guest Norman Wisdom, and the Rusian-American comedian Yakov Smirnoff,
    music from Bertice Reading, and the Harry Stoneham Band
    11:00-12:10am The Marx Brothers in Duck Soup (1933 film)(b-w)

    Christmas Day 1983 - Sunday 25th December 1983 - ITV - TV-am
    7:00am Rub-a-Dub-Tub Christmas Day Special, with Bonnie Langford, Michele Dotrice, Edward Woodward, Alan Dart
    8:00am Christmas with TV-am:
    - Thought for Christmas from Cardinal Hume
    - Christ Tarrant at the Queen Mary Hospital for Children, in Carshalton, Surrey
    9:00am Roland Rat's Winter Wonderland

    Christmas Day 1983 - Sunday 25th December 1983 - ITV - London Weekend Television (LWT)
    9:25am The Night the Animals Talked (animated parable) music and lyrics by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne (repeat)
    9:50am The Fraggles are Coming: trailer for new puppet series
    9:55am Messengers to Earth: musical fantasy, music by Lou Lewis.
    Recorded at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Crediton, Devon (repeat)
    10:20am Christmas Morning Worship: from St. Molua's Church, Belfast
    11:20am The Magic Planet: Ice-skating spectacular
    12:15pm The Capture of Grizzly Adams (1981 TV film) starring Dan Haggerty, Kim Darby, Noah Bery, Keenan Wynn
    2:00pm The Royal Year: An ITN compilation of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's' visit to the Caribbean, US, Kenya,
    India and Bangladesh. Plus the Prince and Princess of Wales' tours of Australi, New Zealand and Canada
    3:00pm The Queen's Christmas Day Message to the Commonwealth
    3:15pm Superman (1978 film) starring Christopher Reeve
    5:35pm Bullseye Christmas Special: host Jim Bowan, guests; Kenneth Kendall, Anne Diamond
    6:20pm News from ITN
    6:30pm A Royal Concert of Carols: The Prince and Princess of Wales, Songs from Marti Webb, Piano Peter Donohoe
    7:15pm Bruce Forsyth's Play Your Card's Right
    7:45pm Jimmy Tarbuck's Christmas All Stars: guests, Bruce Forsyth, Mike Yarwood, Cannon and Ball,
    Michael Barrymore, Shakin' Stevens. Plus 'Game for a Laugh' special,
    and from the US by satellite: Andy Williams, Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, The Temptations, The Four Tops
    9:10pm Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978 film) starring Peter Sellers
    11:00pm News from ITN
    11:10pm The King's Christmas: The King's Singers at Harewood House, Yorkshire.
    11:40pm The Untouchables: Crime drama with Robert Stack as Eliot Ness (repeat)
    12:25am A Different Christmas: from Stoke Mandeville Hospital, with Gillian Reynolds and Jimmy Savile

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    Christmas 1984
    Christmas Eve 1984 - Monday 24th December 1984 - BBC-1 Television
    6:30am Breakfast Time: Frank Bough, Selina Scott, News from Fern Britton
    9:00am Busker's Christmas Story (1/3)
    9:15am Paddington and the Christmas Shopping (repeat)
    9:20am Lassie (animated) first in new series
    9:45am Charlie Brown (repeat)
    10:10am Jackanory: Cherie Lunghi reads the story of Cinderella
    10:25am Magic Roundabout
    10:30am Play School: presented by Carol Chell
    10:50am Henry's Cat
    10:55am The Chuckleheads Christmas
    11:05am The Sounds of 84: Music from the Monteaux Pop Festival
    12:05pm Wait Till You Father Gets Home: (Hanna-Barbera cartoon)
    12:30pm News, with Moira Stuart
    12:35pm Junior Kick Start
    1:00pm Kung Fu
    1:50pm The Christmas Raccoons (musical cartoon) (repeat)
    2:15pm The Cruel Sea (1952 film) starring Jack Hawkins (b-w)
    4:15pm Pop Quiz Christmas Special: introduced by Mike Read
    4:45pm Jackanory: Jeremy Irons reads Paul Gallico's Snowflake
    5:00pm Blue Peter
    5:25pm The Box of Delights: (final episode)
    6:00pm News, with Moira Stuart
    6:15pm Jim'll Fix It For Christmas: guests Tommy Steele, darts player John Lowe
    6:55pm One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing (1975 film) starring Peter Ustinov
    8:25pm Only Fools and Horses: Del is smitten by the lovely Heather and goes as far as buying a ring.
    But events do not go according to plan. (repeat)
    8:55pm Cagney and Lacey: Mary Beth is held hostage by a crazed killer in a railway sidings
    9:45pm News, with Moira Stuart
    10:00pm Val Doonican's Very Special Christmas: guests Engelbert Humperdinck, Pam Ayres, The Cambridge Buskers
    10:50pm Angels in the Annexe (play) by Janey Prager, starring Siobhan McKenna, Alfred Mollina
    11:45-12:45pm Midnight Mass of the Nativity, from the Church of St Mary and St John, Wolverhampton

    Christmas Eve 1984 - Monday 24th December 1984 - BBC-2 Television
    1:45pm On the Tracks of the Wild Otter: (documentary) (repeat)
    2:35pm The Gold Rush (1925 film) starring Charlie Chaplin (b-w)
    3:45pm Telly Quiz: presented by Jerry Stevens
    4:15pm The First Noels: Sir Geraint Evans with the choir and congregation of Peterborough Cathedral
    and the choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
    4:35pm Alias St Nick (cartoon)
    4:45pm Little Women (1949 film) starring June Allyson, Margaret O'Brien, Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Leigh
    6:40pm Long Beach Olypiad: 1984 Olympic Yachting Regatta, Ray Moore narrates
    7:30pm News summary
    7:35pm Born in Bethlehem: BBC welsh Choir with Aled Jones, reader Isla Blair, narrator Martin Jarvis
    8:25pm Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music, recorded at the Nederlander Theatre, New York
    10:00-12:10am The Quiet Man (1952 film) starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Barry Fitzgerald

    Christmas Eve 1984 - Monday 24th December 1984 - ITV - TV-am
    6:25-9:25am Good Morning Britain: Anne Diamond, Nick Owen, Newsreader: Gordon Honeycombe

    Christmas Eve 1984 - Monday 24th December 1984 - ITV - Thames Television (London)
    9:25am Thames News, followed by Father Murphy
    10:15am Cartoon Time
    10:30am Benji (1974 film)
    12noon Freetime Christmas Special
    12:30pm Goodwill to All Men
    1:00pm ITN News at One, with Carol Barnes
    1:20pm Thames News, with Robin Houston
    1:30pm The Birth of Christ: Oliver Hunkin
    1:45pm Scarecrow and Mrs King
    2:40pm Take Over, presented by Brough Scott, with Suzanne Danielle, Sally James, Peter Davison, Derek Thompson
    together with four members of the public as they test their skill with a simulator in landing Concorde and
    driving a Scorpion reconnaissance vehicle.
    3:10pm The Return of the Pink Panther (1974 film) starring Peter Sellers, Christopher Plummer
    5:15pm The Wind in the Willows
    5:45pm ITN News
    6:00pm Thames News
    6:25pm Help: Viv Taylor Gee with community action news
    6:35pm Crossroads
    7:00pm What's My Line: host Eamonn Andrews
    on the panel: George Gale, Barbara Kelly, Jilly Cooper, Ernie Wise, Patrick Mower
    7:30pm Coronation Street
    8:00pm Jim Davidson's Falklands Special
    9:00pm Fun With Dick and Jane (1977 film) starring Jane Fonda, George Segal
    10:40pm ITN News
    10:50pm Joy to the World: David Pickering 12-yr-old Chorister of the Year
    11:40-12:40am The Blessing of the Crib and the First Mass of Christmas,
    from the Church of John the Baptist, Newcastle upon Tyne


    Christmas Day 1984 - Tuesday 25th December 1984 - BBC-1 Television
    8:40am Play School: presented by Carol Chell
    9:00am Busker's Christmas Story (2/3) CHristopher Lillicrap reads the updated story of the Nativity
    9:15am Born in Bethlehem: carols (shown yesterday)
    10:00am Christmas Morning Family Service: from Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Belfast
    11:05am The Noel Edmonds Live Live Christmas Breakfast Show: from the top of the British Telecom Tower
    12:35pm Blue Murder at St. Trinians (1957 film) starring Alastair Sim, Joyce Grenfell, George Cole, Terry-Thomas
    2:00pm Top of the Pops 1984: Culture Club, Jim Diamond, Duran Duran, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Howard Jones,
    Nik Kershaw, The Thompson Twins, Wham, and Paul Young
    3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
    3:10pm Mary Poppins (1964 film) starring Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, David Tomlinson, Glynis Johns
    5:25pm News, with Jan Leeming
    5:30pm Christmas Blankety Blank: host Les Dawson,
    on the panel: Lorraine Chase, Suzanne Danielle, Ken Dodd, Russell Harty, Ruth Madoc, Derek Nimmo
    6:05pm Hi-de-Hi
    6:35pm The Paul Daniels Magic Christmas Show:
    guests: George Carl, clown from Chicago; Kris Kremo, a high speed juggler from Las Vegas;
    and the Olympiads, a balancing act from Germany
    7:25pm Just Good Friends
    8:55pm The Two Ronnies: guest singer Eliane Paige
    9:55pm News, with Jan Leeming
    10:05pm Wogan: Terry Wogan's guests: Freddie Starr, Kiri Te Kanawa, Elton John, Victoria Principal
    10:55-12:50am Some Like It Hot (1959 film) starring Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe

    Christmas Day 1984 - Tuesday 25th December 1984 - BBC-2 Television
    1:55pm A Dog's Life (1918 film) starring Charlie Chaplin
    2:35pm Polar Bear Alert (documentary) (repeat)

    3:25pm Limelight (1952 film) starring Charlie Chaplin, Claire Bloom
    5:35pm Telly Quiz, presented by Jerry Stevens
    6:05pm The Nutcracker: Scottish Ballet's production of Tchaikovsky's famous ballet, starring Elaine McDonald
    Recorded at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow, with the Scottish Ballet Orchestra
    7:50pm The Master of Mouton: Russell Harty makes a pilgrimage to the Medoc to meet Baron Philippe de Rothchild
    at the Chateau Mouton.
    8:40pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
    8:55-12:00midnight Kaos (1984 film) starring Omero Antonutti, Margarita Lozano

    Christmas Day 1984 - Tuesday 25th December 1984 - ITV - TV-am
    6:25-9:25am Good Morning Britain: Anne Diamond, Nick Owen, Newsreader: Gordon Honeycombe

    Christmas Day 1984 - Tuesday 25th December 1984 - ITV - Thames Television (London)
    9:25am Dangermouse Double Bill (repeat)
    9:45am Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
    9:55am Emu at Christmas
    10:35am Christmas Morning Service, from St George's Chapel, Windsor, introduced by Sir Alastair Burnet
    11:45am Bugs Bunny's Looney Movie (1981 film)
    1:15pm Top Pop Videos of '84
    2:00pm Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean Special
    3:00pm The Queen speaks to the Commonwealth
    3:10pm The Man with the Golden Gun (1974 James Bond film) starring Roger Moore
    5:25pm ITN News
    5:30pm Give Is a Clue: presented by Michael Parkinson
    Una Stubb's team: Julia Mckenzie, Nicola Paget, Julie Walters
    Lionel Blair's team: Spike Milligan, Wayne Sleep, Bernie Winters
    6:00pm Bring Me Sunshine - A Tribute to Eric Morecambe OBE, introduced by Ernie Wise
    8:30pm Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981 film) starring Harrison Ford
    10:40pm ITN News

    10:45pm Des O'Connor Tonight: guests Hank Marvin, Mireille Matthieu
    11:35pm Home for the Holidays (1972 film) starring Walter Brennan
    12:50-1:00am Peace: Gill Nevill meets some of the people who are attempting to bring some peace
    to different parts of the globe.

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