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    The witch's hat had been there since the 1940s as my mom remembered playing on it when she was a girl. It was set a distance from the other equipment for some reason. It was one of my favourites but for most fun you needed a few to be on it.

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    Banned many years ago...
    Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas - go figure!

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    The idea of the sport was to hit the ball around the pole until the ball couldn't circle again. OOORRRR, the idea of the sport was to hit the other kid in the head so hard that they went to the nurse's office with a concussion.

    Kids were Tarzan of the playground with this apparatus, which let them dangle as they sped to the other platform. Seriously, what could go wrong?
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    This reminds me of a 1980s Saturday afternoon at my local park in the playground bit. A big enormous slide where you could probably see the whole of the city from the top before sliding down.

    I remember going down on a slide backwards, in other words, I was facing the other way. I slid to the bottom and then - bang - I slid off it and onto the hard floor, didn't expecting it. I had a painful backside for a short while when I got off it.

    Does anyone remember the playground safety campaign circa 1987, when there was a national campaign to get soft turf or woodchips around the areas of swings, slides and roundabouts to make the areas a lot more safer as quite a few kids were being injured falling off the apparatus and onto concrete? You may remember Esther Rantzen on That's Life! doing their own campaign - cue Esther dropping a plate on a sample of soft turf with the plate remains intact. She drops the plate on a sample of concrete and the plate smashed.

    Woodchips may have been a lot safer on the ground, but I remember this craze of kids putting the stuff down people's backs. They would find a use for anything back then.

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    In my infant school we had concrete structures built onto the concrete yard. Painful if you fell off them! Also a climbing frame made of pure rust. It was on the grass, or should I say a bald bit of solid, parched mud frequently adorned with bits of broken glass from teens who would sneak into the yard at night.
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