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    I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread about one of Britain's best comedians during the 50's and 60's - Tony Hancock. Even though he died from an overdose in Australia years before I was born, I discovered Hancock during my teens when I started reading how good his radio and TV series was on the BBC thanks to some sparkling scripts from Galton & Simpson. I managed to buy a video tape with some of his classic episodes from TV and saw how brilliant the man really was. He was an amazing comedian and his comedic timing was spot on. Hancock and Sid James were a good double act and it's a shame that Hancock was a little jealous of Sid and wanted to go it alone which he did in 1960. After ditching Galton & Simpson, Hancock moved over to ATV to make a TV series with them but it was never up to the standards of his work at the BBC. It wasn't bad by any standards and judging from one episode I've seen recently (The Assistant) Hancock was still very funny. Tony's health started to deteriorate from alcoholism and obviously he must have thought that things weren't going as good as he thought they would be for him to take his own life in 1968. He was only 44 years old. His legacy lives on with his outstanding radio and TV series with the BBC and it's got to be said the man was a comedy genius.

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    I can only agree wholeheartedly that he was a genius. His radio and TV shows are still so funny after 60 years. I also agree that his very best work was with the BBC. So tragic he took his own life. Just imagine what he could have done if he had lived to 70 or more, but his demons overwhelmed him.

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    He was also in some films, The Wrong Box being a good example.

    I remember there was some renewed interest in his work after The Blood Donor was repeated as part of the TV 50 celebrations.
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    The blood donor sketch was brilliant. He gave a finger sample of blood & thought that was his donation lol

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    Each time I go to donate blood and the nurse pricks my finger the Blood Donor pops into my mind.

    As for his films, The Rebel and the Punch and Judy Man are my favourite.

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    The first time I saw Hancock on tv was in an episode in which he formed part of a jury in a criminal court case.

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    A bit before my time. My (older) brother bought an album (a reissue) in the 70s which had The Blood Donor on one side and The Radio Ham on the other. Neither tickled my funny bones...

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