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Thread: Most Sought After Girl

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    Default Most Sought After Girl

    This is an interesting thread / topic .. as being Aspergers I easily get fixated or obsessed with hobbies , food , tv programs or whatever ..

    Now this ‘serious interest’ also leads me to kinda obsessing ( maybe a bit strong) over women I see on in a movie or tv series even a newsreader .. I’ll search out movies that they’re in for example

    It’s a ‘face’ thing primarily. ..

    Similarly , sometimes when on holiday or just shopping we’ll walk past a woman with an absolutely beautiful face and I take a deep breath ... you know that old saying ‘ breathtaking ‘ ..

    Now I’m talking about just real pretty faces here not someone with their boobs out or real short skirt ..

    It’s not a love at first sight thing as I never see these women again .. it’s just a second long moment .

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    Default Re: Most Sought After Girl

    Quite true - those who sit on the bus opposite yourself for up to 15 minutes, or as you say, someone who walks down the street. On the other hand, we hear about people meeting their partners in that way - I would think of it as too coincidental for both parties to be single at the same time, although in soap operas these "coincidences" happen all the time for the benefit of storylines. It can be horrible as one can get panic attacks and things like that.

    The probability is that you might see these women again, but the next time they could be dressed differently and so one wouldn't have the same response to the same person twice.
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    I fell for this gorgeous face online a few years ago and thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen ( still do oddly ) .... I did some digging around online and discovered that she had a terribly sad ‘back story’ ... I wish I hadn’t researched her now .

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