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    I've been looking for a Grolsch advert from the late 80s/early 90s for years - it's a claymation one and it starts with a man (head and shoulders view) standing in front of a curtain (possibly doing a pub talent show or something) and says "Hi, I'm Mike" - head turns into a microphone with feedback sound then changes back - ...and I can do everything." A voice calls out "Do the universe then!" - a musclebound man appears in the man's collar - "Mister..." - next to the man a musclebound woman appears with a deeper voice than the man's - "...or Miss?". I think then someone calls out "Bondi Beach?" - head turns into a beach scene - someone else calls out "Lord Lucan!" and the head disappears. Then someone says "Do a Grolsch then!" and the man laughs nervously and contorts his face and the slogan 'You can't top a Grolsch' appears on screen.

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