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    I Like Jim Davidson does anyone else like him i seen him live a couple of times.

    i hate you butler

    your 10% man and 90% spotted dick"

    Stan Butler the Abominable Slowman!"

    Get your trousers on your nicked

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    I love him in Cinderella

    Do you really believe the other side without provocation would launch so many ICBM's, subs and ships knowing that we would have no option to launch as well? It would break our MAD Treaty (Mutually Assured Destruction) not to mention the end of the world as we know it.

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    I think he is at his best as a stand-up comedian. He has done a lot of work entertaining British armed forces personnel in the Falklands, Iraq and elsewhere, so kudos and respect to him for doing that.

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    i like him, though i've never seen him live. one of my relatives did, and jim singled him out. wish i'd have seen that.

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    Can't stand his politics so that puts me off
    Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas - go figure!

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    He wasn't too bad on Big Break - I felt sorry for John Virgo having to be a straight man to him. I thought his stint on the Generation Game looked a bit over the top - he should have kept the traditional things that he inherited from Brucie.

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