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Thread: Nightmare Board Game

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    Default Nightmare Board Game

    Who remembers this game? This was great when I was a kid, I remember having all my friends around & we'd play it for hours!
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    I remember it well, but because of an already established CG gameshow that aired on TV in the UK called Knightmare it was renamed to Atmosfear.

    I think I had a bit of an obsession with this game because I still have all of the games released.

    Atmosfear the Gatekeeper
    Atmosfear 2 Baron Samedi
    Atmosfear 3 Anne De Chantraine
    Atmosfear 4 Elizabeth Bathry (purchased through ebay for the grand total of 1p)

    Atmosfear the Harbingers
    Atmosfear Soul Rangers still sealed complete with booster tapes

    Atmosfear The card game
    Atmosfear The third dimension PC game

    I also have the dvd released versions, but they do not have the same atmosphere as the originals

    I also managed to track down a US version of the game that was called as mentioned nightmare, although I have been able to play it.

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    Default Re: Nightmare Board Game

    I thought that the OP was referring to a board game spin off of Knightmare.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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